We are leaving for a mini vacation to Pigeon Forge and Nashville as soon as I can get everything together. The water park at Dollywood might be a little chilly, but Brian says we are going anyway... he's determined. Oh and his favorite, the Dixie Stampede.
So, Im sure I will have lots of pictures when I get back because of our new awesome camera!

BUT, poor Duke has to stay home with the babysitter... and do this all weekend without us

Don't worry, no cats were harmed in the making of cheap entertainment.. only a beagle with a wild side.

Be back on Tuesday! I'm sure he will survive the long weekend. Hopefully he won't try anything sneaky, like running away while we're gone.



The thinker and the clown

Such love for his seester

I don't have anything to say really, except that I've got projects coming.. soon.. hopefully.. if I can get my butt in gear. But until then, feel free to drool over these two. I do!


These are the makings of four new quilts. One will definitely belong to my friend Kelly as her personal quilt, the blue and red Zippity Doo Dah. The pinks, greens and yellows in the middle from the Darla Collection just might go to her as well.. that's as long as that baby she's having is a girl!! The aquas, reds, and whites will more thank likely go to my other friend Bethany, who is also pregnant.. and of course who knows what it is yet. As for the the fourth one, who knows.

See mom, It's working!! took me long enough, but it's working! This should come in handy once the fabric above are actual quilt tops.

This was taken somewhere near Crossville, TN last weekend when we went to Brian's parent's. It's hard to make out, but the gas station was called the Liberty Market and on the awning it said AMERICAN OWNED AND OPERATED. Naturally Brian chose to get his gas there, rather than the Quik-E-Mart across the road. He's planning on buying into the franchise I think.

We were given a new camera as a wedding present this past weekend. Thanks to Brian's parents, we now have a really really nice new Canon Rebel SLR. It's just going to take a while to figure out how to use this bad boy.. until then you get to watch things like this...

Show & Tell

I've had several weeks lately of being in a funk. I realized it was mainly to do with the whole mess our photographer from our wedding left us in. I say mainly, but not all. We received our wedding 'album' if you could even call it that about 2 weeks ago. At which time I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. Here are a few photos of what she felt was worthy of the $ we paid her for her services.. let me remind you she is a 'p.r.o.f.e.s.s.i.o.n.a.l' or so her website states. There is nothing special about the photos, nor do they capture anything different than the things we already saw that day. In a nutshell, it stinks and it's basically a Walmart album with some pictures someone just threw in there....

I finally decided to call her and let her know just how unhappy we were, but nothing we could have said would have made any difference. I mainly wanted to know why she felt it was necessary to choose OUR wedding photos for OUR wedding album and not allow us to see all the photos she took.

Her answer was simple, at which point I knew the conversation ends here..."Well I didn't want to let you look at them to choose because it takes people so long to pick the ones they want. I just assumed you would like what I chose and I didn't want to have to owe anyone anything." These are exact words people.. All I can say is of course you OWE us and you know what happens when you ASSume things.. Not to mention having to turn your wedding album every time you want to look at the vertical ones, just screams CLASSY!

I'm done with it now, I feel better. You can all go back to what it is you were doing before I broke out in my long winded speech.

The book came with a huge stain on the cover and Brian said we should use the lines between the pictures like a year book... just have everyone sign next to there name and write us a note. He such a thinker, boy do I love him!



Aren't they just GREAT...

This is kind of how I feel after a long weekend of monkeying (yes this is a technical term) with my new Juki. It's so aggravating, really. I may even skip supper with Jim tonight to take the whole contraption apart.