I love this, for so many reasons....

1.She's going to be that sister who beats up her brother.
2.That look in her eye is only one an Auntie can love! She's trouble people.
3.And I'm sure she will continue to do this and threaten to fart on him until he gives up whatever it is he may be hording at the moment.

No, her name isn't Helga.. but with a photo and face like that maybe it should be


I hiked

There is no actual proof, as in a photo of me doing so.. but I did.. I hiked. And let me tell you something, going up... sucks! I prefer the hike down thankyouverymuch.

There is no actual proof, as in a photo of me doing so.. but I did.. I hiked. And let me tell you something, going up... sucks! I prefer the hike down thankyouverymuch.

We went to Grayson Highlands State Park in Virginia on Saturday. It was a much needed day off from everything. He did take me to a quilt store in Abingdon, VA though, so that earned points. I decided that I am not a hiker, nor was I meant to be one. Let's just say the elevation made me feel awfully tipsy and since the park had managed to turn off ALL of its water for the season... we were so thirsty. I mean this could have been straight out of a bad movie. If it wasn't for the wild ponies, I would have called it a bust... No I'm kidding. It was fun, I just don't want to do it every weekend.

Oh, this is basically Christmas Tree country.. those tiny little lego looking pine trees are actually full size trees, we were far away. I think if the Horse farm business ever goes south, we'll move over to Virginia and become tree farmers.


Gobble Til You Wobble

I did it. I am the Auntie who makes the niece and nephew holiday themed outfits. This of course, was my first attempt. And as sad as they my be, I'm impressed with myself, not gonna lie. I do admit that poor little girl turkey looks a little sickly and little boy turkey has a slight lean. So what, let's just say one of his legs is longer than the other. But as a first attempt, not bad?

Those poor twerps never saw it coming. So, Matthew & Leslie, if you're reading this, please at least take a picture of them wearing these.. and then you can discard however you feel necessary. Christmas is coming and they will be so totally better! Humor me!

I was told to add them to my shop. Uh, I don't know about that. they are a little in the developmental stage, or whatever you want to call it. I'll do it if at least 2 people think I should. Not a huge jump seeing as how there is like a total of 5 people who read this. Well 5 that I know of anyway.


A not so b-day surprise

This is going to a friend of mine for her birthday, which of course is tomorrow. Go on, ask me when I mailed it.. I know you want to! I mailed it this morning, ok! Whatever!

I picked out the fabric from Amy Butler's new line called Love because she really likes that red/wine color. I saw it and thought it was nice, but after the bag was done.. I REALLY like it. I'm considering putting it in my shop, what do you think? (ignore the fact that the whole shop is lacking in, well everything. if certain friends would ease up on the baby producing I would have time :)

I didn't use a pattern for this bag. I sort-of winged it really. the only thing I don't really love is the strap length, that could be a do over. I'm thinking about going back to Tennessee Quilts on Saturday to get something else from this line. It of course is navy blue, which everything I own seams to follow in that color. I've decided to make myself a much larger version of this for the gym.

Ya, that's right, you heard me. I'm making myself something!! Oh, and we're joining a gym. It's more of a way for us to get away from the farm and so something together. AND because frankly I NEED to go. I think my most favorite part is the fact that the place has a hot tub.. well worth the $40/month just for that alone. When you live with a teeny tiny shower stall and no tub, you'll remember this comment.


Mermaid Escapade

This is the finished Mermaid quilt. I think (hope) Bethany liked it. I managed to cart it back to TN with me since I was still working on Lily's bedding and she had more than enough to attempt to fly home with.

Brian, he's quite the model, no?!

The back of it is my favorite. You really can't see the actually quilting on here, but the waves on the fabric and the quilting really look good together. I'll say it.. I impressed myself!

This is one of the 6 bumpers for her bedding. They turned out really good and were surprisingly easy. Now on to the finishing the crib skirt. I've got a fear of not finishing it soon enough and Bethany going into labor early. Although she isn't due until late January.. I'm still worried! The kid needs bedding to come home to!


A Couple of THINGS

Raise your hand if your twin niece and nephew are cuter than this... Ya, I didn't think so!!!
The twerps in their Halloween costumes. If you have no clue what they belong to, you were deprived as a child and should really look up some Seuss.