A Very - TWERPY - Xmas

We went to the great state of TEXAS for Xmas. A friend of our referred to Texas as not a state, but an experience, and I agree! But, then again I'm a little partial. What being a TEXAN and all. BUT, that's not what this is about, well kinda. I spent 6 whole glorious days with the TWERPS!! There is really no need for commentary for the following photos, but I assure you.. there will be.

their xmas outfits, made by their AUNTIE!

Riley liked to lay with Uncle Brian and watch hunting EVERY morning

Princess Fancy Pants in her Baptism getup

Twerps + Spaghetti = Orange ring around the tub

THEIR loot

This piano was one of Nathan's favorites and Riley kept holding the top part down so it sounded out of tune and he was MAD

So, Auntie found these funny white stick on mustaches and thought it would be HILARIOUS to put on them.. IT WAS!

Fishy shoes from Auntie

You can now go back to doing whatever it is you were doing before you were sucked into all that is a Twerpy Xmas!


Mid-Afternoon Shiner

We had close to 8" of snow on Friday.. it was a complete nightmare! Shiner on the other hand was ok with it, I think.. He wanted his picture taken but the fence kept getting in the way.

These two projects are going to Kelly. She had her 4th boy last Monday! ya.fourth.boy...... Please give her a moment of silence, because she's not getting another one for the next 18 years! We get to see the boys and Baby Kyle when we get to Texas for Christmas!

Baby Kyle's mini quilt

I used satin blanket binding in chocolate brown to finish it. It wasn't the easiest by any means. I'd never used the stuff, and it was such a headache!

Baby Kyle's quilt

Surprisingly enough it only took me 2 1/2 hrs to quilt this one. As long as I can get the binding on it before Thurs.. I'll be in good shape! I will have plenty of time to do it while on the plane!


Merry Christmas

From the Family.....

If you haven't ever heard this song.. you should be ashamed of yourself. It's basically a classic.. well in Texas, anyway. I was told yesterday that this song reminded someone of my family. and to that I say.. AND???? (Actually by my husband.. but he really can't talk, now can he?)

Don't worry I will be documenting Christmas this year. I mean what with the re-gift gift exchange that's going on.. who wouldn't want to see, right?

Go on the watch the video, then make all the assumptions you want.. it's ok. We're used to it!


Dear Santa...

I've taken the advice of those over at the Fat Quarter Shop and have decided to write a letter to you. Seriously, it's been probably 20 years since I last wrote you.. but let's face it, you already knew that. I have been about as good as expected I suppose. I mean what with all the stress and all who could blame me.. right? (this is where you smile, and nod in agreement).

Anyway, back to why I'm writing. It's really about the TWERPS.

This year I would like to have my very own copy of Baby Love Quilt Book by Allison Jane Smith. Being the most awesome Auntie that I am... I am really dying to make First Flutter for her and First Flight for him. Ok, I'm not going to lie.. I would also like it so that I can brush up on my applique' techniques. Ok, I mean learn how to applique. And since this is really about them.. THEY have been extra good this year. Well as good as can be expected from 9 1/2 month old twins. Even though they've had their moments of destruction and she's has managed to sit on her brother until he busts, they are PERFECT little angels!

If you can't arrange this request, please leave a note with my husband so that he can actually get me something this year instead of waiting until sometime in mid February and then just considering it a Valentine's gift.

Hope it's not to cold up there and if it is, I can make you a new quilt with the book you so graciously are going leave me.. it may be a little small... but then again maybe it's an incentive to drop a few pounds.. I know it is for me.

Until Next Year,

She can also see you when you're sleeping.. she's just good like that. We like to think she has a gift and one day may be a part of the mafia.. Just sayin'


Christmas, Little Dudes Style

Last week was our last week of Little Dudes for 2009. Every year we have a Christmas party for the kids and let them pretty much each as much junk food as they can possibly consume and play random games. Nothing really set in stone other than lots and lots of sweets to hype them up and send them home!

These are their Angels.. it's hard to tel from this picture. They all painted and decorated them just how they wanted to! I highly recommend doing it with your kids!

During the Fall session I set out to make ornaments with the kids. My mom sent me a box of old ornaments a couple of months ago and in it was a soda can angel that I had made in the 6th grade during Art class. I like stuff like that and figured it would lots of fun for them. I never EVER expected the amount of fun they could possibly have with the wing making. It's so simple and I think we will be using it for something else in the Spring. All we did was take two pieces of wax, used scissors to shave crayon so that the wax was flaky on the wax paper. Then lay the second piece of wax paper over it and touch a warm iron to it. It melts the crayon and makes a small stained glass looking thing. I just cut out little wings and we glued them on.

Half of the kids had never seen a candy cane reindeer, so I was glad I made them. It was like a whole herd of deer man! I also made rice krispie treat houses. It was a kit, so don't go thinking I did it ALL on my own. The kit came with the house mold and then i decorated them with the candy and icing it came with. I'm not a huge fan of rice krispie treats, but aren't kids??! It was much better than a gingerbread house and much more edible! Although Im still trying to talk Brian into making a ginerbread house with me.. outcome isn't looking so hot on that one.

Spring Little Dudes starts in January and I've got a whole host of ideas and projects. It's mainly a chance for me to play craft time!!

Mermaids, Fish & Seahorses.. OH MY!

Several weeks back, I explained how a good friend of mine was having her first baby. I of course volunteered to make the crib bedding. The process was daunting and I am very happy with how it turned out. You see, it would have been completed in a week or two IF I had absolutely nothing else to do, which would be wonderful.

I really hope she likes it and baby Lily doesn't completely abandon her new room because she's not too keen on the mermaid underwater non-traditional adventure. Since we in no way have a crib in our house, due to the fact of 1. we don't have nor do we expect a baby anytime soon and 2. our house wouldn't be big enough for one even if we did... I can't lay it all out in the crib as it should sit. Therefor.... I improvised and used my sewing table.. you get the idea. right?! The set is not so girly what so ever. They wanted something different and modern..!! Lots of blush, golds, oranges, mermaids, fish, and seahorses!

In total when it is all said and done, there is a quilt, bumpers, crib skirt, diaper stacker, & mini pillow.. like she will need it anytime soon. It was fun. I just wish it wouldn't have taken me so long. Making it is one thing.. shipping is a totally different story.



I love this, for so many reasons....

1.She's going to be that sister who beats up her brother.
2.That look in her eye is only one an Auntie can love! She's trouble people.
3.And I'm sure she will continue to do this and threaten to fart on him until he gives up whatever it is he may be hording at the moment.

No, her name isn't Helga.. but with a photo and face like that maybe it should be


I hiked

There is no actual proof, as in a photo of me doing so.. but I did.. I hiked. And let me tell you something, going up... sucks! I prefer the hike down thankyouverymuch.

There is no actual proof, as in a photo of me doing so.. but I did.. I hiked. And let me tell you something, going up... sucks! I prefer the hike down thankyouverymuch.

We went to Grayson Highlands State Park in Virginia on Saturday. It was a much needed day off from everything. He did take me to a quilt store in Abingdon, VA though, so that earned points. I decided that I am not a hiker, nor was I meant to be one. Let's just say the elevation made me feel awfully tipsy and since the park had managed to turn off ALL of its water for the season... we were so thirsty. I mean this could have been straight out of a bad movie. If it wasn't for the wild ponies, I would have called it a bust... No I'm kidding. It was fun, I just don't want to do it every weekend.

Oh, this is basically Christmas Tree country.. those tiny little lego looking pine trees are actually full size trees, we were far away. I think if the Horse farm business ever goes south, we'll move over to Virginia and become tree farmers.


Gobble Til You Wobble

I did it. I am the Auntie who makes the niece and nephew holiday themed outfits. This of course, was my first attempt. And as sad as they my be, I'm impressed with myself, not gonna lie. I do admit that poor little girl turkey looks a little sickly and little boy turkey has a slight lean. So what, let's just say one of his legs is longer than the other. But as a first attempt, not bad?

Those poor twerps never saw it coming. So, Matthew & Leslie, if you're reading this, please at least take a picture of them wearing these.. and then you can discard however you feel necessary. Christmas is coming and they will be so totally better! Humor me!

I was told to add them to my shop. Uh, I don't know about that. they are a little in the developmental stage, or whatever you want to call it. I'll do it if at least 2 people think I should. Not a huge jump seeing as how there is like a total of 5 people who read this. Well 5 that I know of anyway.


A not so b-day surprise

This is going to a friend of mine for her birthday, which of course is tomorrow. Go on, ask me when I mailed it.. I know you want to! I mailed it this morning, ok! Whatever!

I picked out the fabric from Amy Butler's new line called Love because she really likes that red/wine color. I saw it and thought it was nice, but after the bag was done.. I REALLY like it. I'm considering putting it in my shop, what do you think? (ignore the fact that the whole shop is lacking in, well everything. if certain friends would ease up on the baby producing I would have time :)

I didn't use a pattern for this bag. I sort-of winged it really. the only thing I don't really love is the strap length, that could be a do over. I'm thinking about going back to Tennessee Quilts on Saturday to get something else from this line. It of course is navy blue, which everything I own seams to follow in that color. I've decided to make myself a much larger version of this for the gym.

Ya, that's right, you heard me. I'm making myself something!! Oh, and we're joining a gym. It's more of a way for us to get away from the farm and so something together. AND because frankly I NEED to go. I think my most favorite part is the fact that the place has a hot tub.. well worth the $40/month just for that alone. When you live with a teeny tiny shower stall and no tub, you'll remember this comment.


Mermaid Escapade

This is the finished Mermaid quilt. I think (hope) Bethany liked it. I managed to cart it back to TN with me since I was still working on Lily's bedding and she had more than enough to attempt to fly home with.

Brian, he's quite the model, no?!

The back of it is my favorite. You really can't see the actually quilting on here, but the waves on the fabric and the quilting really look good together. I'll say it.. I impressed myself!

This is one of the 6 bumpers for her bedding. They turned out really good and were surprisingly easy. Now on to the finishing the crib skirt. I've got a fear of not finishing it soon enough and Bethany going into labor early. Although she isn't due until late January.. I'm still worried! The kid needs bedding to come home to!


A Couple of THINGS

Raise your hand if your twin niece and nephew are cuter than this... Ya, I didn't think so!!!
The twerps in their Halloween costumes. If you have no clue what they belong to, you were deprived as a child and should really look up some Seuss.


Fall's Here!

I made it home from Texas Sunday night. As in last Sunday night. A week ago. I'm way late on posting pics. BUT, it was obvious that Fall decided to grace us with its presence... This is what it looked like Monday morning before work. I swear I was only gone 4 days and everything was green then. Amazingly we had 40mph winds yesterday morning so all the orange ad yellow leaves are now on he ground and things are starting to look like the depressive state of the year.. boo!

When I was in Texas, I had to thing to accomplish... help decorate for the reception and throw Bethany a baby shower. B & her hubby were married 2 years ago and instead of having a big wedding they went to the JP because Jeremy was in the Navy. So, last weekend was the make-up for the reception... AND since she is nearly 7 months prego... we also had a shower! A baby shower at one of our old favorite Mexican Food restaurants where we all went to college! Well worth the wait, I tell ya!

Imagine constructing a diaper cake.. now imagine doing it in a hotel room in 1 hour. It's not all that complicated, I've made them before.. but this one.. it's definitely my favorite one so far! I bought the little sea life wooden cut outs before I left for Texas and drug my paints, hot glue gun, spare ribbon, raffia ribbon and whatever else I could cram in my suitcase for that extra $20 fee for baggage I was going to incur. Everything else I bought at Target in Huntsville. Which, if you've never been to Huntsville, ignore this comment.. BUT, read my lips, Huntsville has a TARGET people!! I was there for 4 years and we drive 30 miles to go to Target, I graduate and move away and BAM.. ginormous TARGET! Whatever, it's not like I'm bitter about it or anything.

The rest are just photos from the weekend, mainly the decorating we did and all my old friends.

Bethany.. nearly 7 months pregnant!!

the girl wanted carved pumpkins, so that's what she got!! I now have some flesh eating disease on my carving hand.. Brian says it's from the pumpkin slime.. we'll see if I loose a limb

CAKE, I love CAKE!

Here is a blurry pic of me attempting to cut the cake.. with no real instructions from the cake lady on how to cut such an odd shape deal. I made it work and people were pleased to have larger pieces that they probably should have.. WHATEVER!
Finally, at 3am Sunday morning after a very long weekend of decorating.. Some of us decided that the popcorn balls that were leftover needed some sort of farewell... into the Trinity River! By the way, don't judge me because I have sweatpants on under my dress from the reception.. it was cold, 3am and frankly I didn't really care. I am however, not a master golfer and will never have the chance to do this again!

Texas was wonderful, even though I ended up with a dinged rental car the very time I ever rented a car. I never thought I'd admit to missing Huntsville, TX.. but I did and still do. It was lots of fun and we're all thinking about doing againg in a few years.