Baby Love

i don't really have much to say, other than.... mmmmm tastes like baby! I can only imagine the things these two will get into together and the fights they will have!!


This will be the death of me

Last night, as I was FINALLY sealing up invites... I realized I did a bad bad thing.

I managed to seal nearly 50 invites over the past weekend without adding postage to the reply cards!!!! Holy Crap! So.. last night after realizing this, I spent nearly 2 hours with a hair dryer and butter knife attempting to open them all back up.

I mean seriously, please ignore the fact that your invite may have been one of the ones who by now have been resealed...

Good news, all the boys in the wedding have been taken care of! Thank goodness, I can now mark that off my list. Thanks Kelly! Now if we can just prepare ourselves for a day filled with chaos and the end result of having four ring bearers between the ages of 18 months and 6 years old.


Blue Skies & 4-Wheel Drivin Babies

This past weekend we got to spend a couple of days with Mike and Becky, Brian's brother and SIL... oh and Owen, their adorably sweet, chubby cheeked little boy. We hadn't met Owen until now, who's 2 months old. Of course what's the first thing Brian wants to show his new little nephew.. the 4-wheeler! Those baby slings are not only good during shopping and what not, but also riding 4-wheelers. They should put that on the packaging. He didn't seem to mind much, he was busy napping anyway. Later that afternoon he also took his first ride on a horse, during which his dad said "Owen you're doing things babies twice your age haven't even done." Me being me replied " so you mean like a 4 month old, right?"

Mike has been nice enough to take the huge task of marrying us come May. We will be the first ones he has ever married and he even brought his little black manual on how to marry people and various other events. We were able to pick how we wanted to ceremony to go and needless to say it will be short and sweet. Straight to the point! There is a part during the ceremony where the bride and groom has the option to do the whole unity candle deal, except I asked Mike if he could write in there that the unity candle has been removed do to the current burn ban in Victoria County. I thought it was HILARIOUS... others obviously didn't.

All in all it was a really nice weekend, complete with lots of blue skies! Something that has been extremely rare around here.


Oh Baby!

She loves her brother...
If only we could all be as relaxed as he is...


Aunt B's & Bacon Wrapped Pancakes

It seems as though our fearless beagle managed to make his way down to Aunt B's this morning. Now, Aunt B's isn't too far from the farm.. but in order to get there you must cross the Highway. First of all, I can't believe he crossed the highway!!! Second of all, when the ladies at Aunt B's called Brian ( thank goodness for Duke's dog tags), they said," Boy was he ever hungry. We wrapped bacon in a pancake, but he didn't like the pancake too good." Hey I'm just typing like they talk around here, don't judge me!

So now that Duke has had his taste of bacon wrapped pancakes, it's only a matter of time until he makes his way back down the road to Aunt B's. I for one am NOT happy about this. I mean really, I wish you people who find my dog would not feed him. HELLO, you're just inviting him to come back. Then Brian gets pissed because he's the one who has to go and get him, and more than likely gets really mad and yells at the poor puppy. Then he tucks his 'almost' tail as far between his legs as it will go and then proceeds to do some sort of army crawl move towards Brian. He obviously doesn't do this to me because I just can't scold him like Brian can!!

So, as both of them sleep on the couch behind me, I continue to work on wedding stuff. Seriously, how do I get a job like theirs? Yes mom, that is a quilt you made me. Sorry, Duke really likes it, almost as much as the Ducks!!

I'm out - Goodnight


New Generation

Now that my brother is a dad, it's strange to think that my parents are grandparents. Not only that, but that my grandparents are great-grandparents. Ya, I know that's how this all works, but I think this means I'm getting old.

Anyway here are a few pictures of my parents being "Grandparents" and my grandparents being "Great-Grandparents" - if that's not totally confusing to anyone.

Nana & Mr. Anders
(hey, it's what dad wants to be called, ya I know)

Great-Grandma & Nathan

Great-Grandad & Riley

And in case you didn't get enough of your weekly dose of baby..

Riley the tree frog - She evidently can always be found in this position

Nathan, who no doubt is my brother's son, Looks and all!

Mod Beads, Sway, & Gypsy Rose

Finally, the tops are finished and I found the time to take a photo... It usually doesn't take me this long to complete a quilt top. I think it is because of everything else we have going on around here. Either way, they are out of my hands and will be on their way to Texas for quilting. Then back to me to finish up.

The pattern of these quilts are totally made up. I wanted to do something where the blocks looked like they were floating. Excuse the fact that the pics are terrible and look like the quilts are blowing in the wind, because well they were. It's hard to get a non-windy day around here lately. The smallest breeze and this is what you get.

Heather Bailey's Mod Beads, Sway & Swirls

Gypsy Rose
I really do like the way this one turned out. Not the greatest photo - I'm SO not a photographer - but the golds and purples look really neat together.


From Weddings to Tattoos

Quick update on the wedding, we are just about done with everything! Oh, wait I'm totally kidding, there are still about 18 things on my list to complete before the long trek half across the country to get married. If you're keeping track, which I know some of you are - thanks for caring!! Beginning to feel like a one man show here.

Don't worry, you weren't left off the guest list!! I just haven't mailed the invites out yet, I've got them, mostly all addressed, just have to do that whole stuffing of the envelope deal. Yea, yea, I know I was supposed to do it this past weekend, and then the weekend before that, but I've been working on my Etsy business. Don't get too excited yet, I've still got to put items in the shop. Mandy, if you're reading this, I'll get it all done! Promise! Eventually! ;) I did have my dress fitted on Saturday, I was just happy it actually zipped up and that my boots looked really cool with my dress.

Oh, ya.. speaking of weddings. Brian received a text from his sister last night... it was of her new tattoo... on her back... the size of a softball... of 'Mater' (yes the same Mater from the Disney movie Cars, as in Larry the Cable Guy's TowMater)... Did I mention she is a bridesmaid... in our wedding... with a halter top dress. Please, oh please, someone tell me how in the world do you cover up a Mater tattoo. I can handle a few wedding mishaps, fine.. but how do you fix this.. Any takers?


Wordless Wednesday (Almost)

Nathan, (Hoping for red hair!)



Fabric Shopper

If you love fabric and haven't stumbled on this site:

Then you are like me and have been missing out! It's a blog dedicated to lots and lots of online stores/blogs who sell fabric or who do really cool stuff with it!


Tah-Dah! BABIES...

So... they finally made it. I wasn't able to get great photos (ones that weren't on a cell phone) until this morning. Matthew has evidently been busy with the babies! Go figure, I'm sure it's just the beginning Bubba!

Saturday, February 28 @ 5:14 & 5:15pm. Riley was first weighing in at 5lbs 8oz, Nathan at 5lbs 9 oz. Leslie is doing fine, now that there isn't two small humans playing soccer with her organs! Oh, and neither of them will require time in the NICU as previosuly thought. They actually came out much larger and healthier than expected, although she did carry them past 37 weeks, which everyone thought may not happen.

I love that their names are on their little hats.

And Bubba, I'm not sure if you read this blog, but I'm very proud of you! You are now a daddy.. (scary) but it's pretty stinkin sweet!! CONGRATS! Thanks for giving me two adorably wonderful babies to spoil rotten and send home to you!!! I can't wait! Oh, and Leslie if you read this, I guess I do owe them a pony. Leslie said if they stayed in past 34 weeks (i think) then their Auntie would get them a pony!!

I love this picture of my brother, all he kept saying on the phone to me was, 'Tracy, they are so cute!' If you know Matthew, it doesn't sound like him at all!

This blog will once again be directed to the farm and quilting.. maybe.. someday! But for now it will be all about the coolest kids I know, my new niece and nephew!! Get Over it!!!