We finally made it back to TN. It was a long 9 days away and we did way too much while we were gone.
Hopefully I'll have picture of the the wedding and everything else soon.
This weekend we will have to adjust back to our lives, minus anything wedding related. Which is alright with me.
We'll have to start with Shiner next week, he needs lots of work. I'm ready for it!
Oh, and Duke.. he was so happy to see us he wouldn't quit whining.
and.. I got the best wedding present... EVER... courtesy of my new husband!
It's a Juki machine with a HandiQuilter Portable Frame... seriously what else could I ever want. Oh ya, fabric to make quilts to use on the frame!!

And.. check this out. I consider this one of the best things at our wedding! She made this topper for the groom's cake and it seriously turned out so much better than ever could have expected. It made it back to TN in one piece.. but who knows how long it will stay like that!

now, all i want to do it sleep for like 3 days!


We've been busy

doing this...

Gypsy Rose

I just have enough time to show you this.
It's the Gypsy Rose quilt I started but put off finishing a while back, like most things I take on. (Note: I didn't actually quilt this one.. I shipped all the way to Texas for my mom to use her handy, dandy quilter)
I also cheated and machine sewed the binding, rather than doing it by hand.. hey, it worked, didn't it?!
It will belong to Kelly & Mandy's mom, just as soon as I get to Texas.
Which will be tomorrow!
We leave in 5 hours... and plan on driving til midnight... I've never been so excited for a 20 hours rode trip!
Photos to come..?!
We will leave, if I can ever seem to feel like I've packed everything!


Frick & Frack

I'm counting down the days.
4 until we leave for Texas
6 until I get to see my family
9 until I get to see my 2 1/2 month old Niece & Nephew!!
oh, and 9 until the wedding. But I mean really, that's not what's important here. or is it?

He's going to be a thinker

Bathing beauty.. she's going to be such a drama queen.. no?!

Here's my brother, sacked out with the twins. He always could sleep just about anywhere.

Smiley Riley


What I've Been Up To...

As you all may know, there's a wedding coming! Or as Brian refers to it.. 'the hitchin'. Rebecca was kind enough to take my bridal photos, as well as our engagement pics. But, I have to say how excited I am about them. They turned out really well!! And for a 90 degree day in April, this is what you can expect... Don't worry, Brian wouldn't even know how to begin to find my blog, nor would because I told him these photos would be on here. He's very superstitious about this hitchin' (wedding)

Look, a veil... who would have guessed

I'm no expert, but this picture is pretty neat!

This is what describes me, not a foofy bride staring out a window!

Brian's horse, Traces

So, I'm very pleased to say Rebecca is seriously awesome, no? You should all go over to her blog and let her know!

The countdown begins, we have less than 3 weeks until the wedding, 2 weeks til Texas. Im excited for the vacation to be honest, we both need it!! AND, like usual, I have managed to take on way more than I should ever have to, but that's just how it goes. Thanks to my mom, I can let some of it go to her to finish... so thanks mom, now I'll be able to crack the whip on you and not myself! kidding.

Lastly, today, being Cinco de Mayo and all I'd like to take a moment and wish Shiner a happy birthday. He's a whole year old today. And I heard a little while ago, he sent his birthday jumping a fence! So he's grounded!

Me and Shiner, he's not much for photos