Show & Tell

I've had several weeks lately of being in a funk. I realized it was mainly to do with the whole mess our photographer from our wedding left us in. I say mainly, but not all. We received our wedding 'album' if you could even call it that about 2 weeks ago. At which time I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. Here are a few photos of what she felt was worthy of the $ we paid her for her services.. let me remind you she is a 'p.r.o.f.e.s.s.i.o.n.a.l' or so her website states. There is nothing special about the photos, nor do they capture anything different than the things we already saw that day. In a nutshell, it stinks and it's basically a Walmart album with some pictures someone just threw in there....

I finally decided to call her and let her know just how unhappy we were, but nothing we could have said would have made any difference. I mainly wanted to know why she felt it was necessary to choose OUR wedding photos for OUR wedding album and not allow us to see all the photos she took.

Her answer was simple, at which point I knew the conversation ends here..."Well I didn't want to let you look at them to choose because it takes people so long to pick the ones they want. I just assumed you would like what I chose and I didn't want to have to owe anyone anything." These are exact words people.. All I can say is of course you OWE us and you know what happens when you ASSume things.. Not to mention having to turn your wedding album every time you want to look at the vertical ones, just screams CLASSY!

I'm done with it now, I feel better. You can all go back to what it is you were doing before I broke out in my long winded speech.

The book came with a huge stain on the cover and Brian said we should use the lines between the pictures like a year book... just have everyone sign next to there name and write us a note. He such a thinker, boy do I love him!


Kelly said...

wow Tracy!! I still want to buy a billboard sign in Victoria that tells everyone what a crappy photographer she is!!!
I'm sorry again!! I really wish she wouldn't have been so crappy!!

nichole said...

:( im sry once again. I know no amount of sorries could make u feel even a tiny bit better. everything catches up with people like HER... especially people who knowingly mess with some of the most important days of ur life & seems as though she is all ready in a lot of trouble outside of people being unaware of her 'professional' ways. all u can do is know tht u have thouuuuusands of very happy days ahead in which she will spend continuing to run from bill collectors && credit card companies. it sucks soooo bad that there is basically nothing u can do. try && be happy tht ur engagement && bridal pics were so cute && freakin awesome!! && have some babies so tht u can get awesome family pics to replace some of those wedding photographer horror story feelings. :)