As you may know (or not) My brother and his wife are expecting twins... a girl & a boy! Lucky!! Matthew was deployed to Iraq for most (ALL) of her pregnancy and was rushed home by the Red Cross a few weeks ago because she was supposed to be in labor. It's been a whole mess/risky ordeal for her. Anywho, he was able to come home and stay past his 18 day emergency leave and he won't have to go back, at least for this deployment anyway, because the rest of the guys are starting to come home next week I believe. It's his third deployment there, nothing new for our family.

If they see this, I'm sure they will love the fact that I posted a picture of them!!

So I talked to him last night and she was supposed to be induced on Thursday, but there were no available beds. So they just had to wait. he called me last night cussin up a storm because if you know how military hospitals work you would get the idea. After 30 min of him venting and a trip to the greatest place on earth.. Whataburger.. (only in Texas can you get one of these by the way) he hung up. Evidentally last night he had to take her in because she was going into labor. IT MUST HAVE BEEN THE WHATABURGER!

So.. I'm sitting here... W-A-I-T-I-N-G to hear if they are here yet... patiently waiting.. Well not so patient, I did wake my parents up this morning to see if they had heard anything yet. In my defense it was nearly 8AM here, can't help it that you live in a different timezone - kidding mom!

Cross your fingers for little redheads!!!

Grandmother's Flower Garden

My soon to be husband's mother called me last year about this time to see if I could sew a 'few' quilt pieces together for her. I figured hey, it probably couldn't be that rough. Then she described what they looked like to me, I still had no clue what she had or exactly how many. I said go ahead and mail them to me and I will check them out.

Enclosed was a note that said that these pieces were actually sitting in the attic of one of her relatives house and were found when they passed away. None of her family really knew what they were nor did they really want them. No big deal, until I started to look at them and realized there were not only initials on every single finished flower as well as the year in which they were sewn - ALL BY HAND! Ya, I bought hit the floor. I have never actually hand sewn much of anything, well nothing of this magnitude.

So I took them down to Tennessee Quilts to show Sandra and she was amazed as was everyone else in the store at what I had. I had to explain to his mom that this was something that could take me years to finish. I have decided that I am going to continue to hand sew each piece together with the white hexagon border. I feel it would ruin the aesthetics of the whole quilt if I were to use my machine. You read right.. I will hand sew all 92 pieces (most of which are not duplicates) and then hand quilt it all, just as it was intended. She would like a full size quilt for her guest room and two pillow shams to match. Which leaves me with several left over, enough to make another small lap quilt (to be finished at a much much much later date) for her daughter, Brian's sister. Now, I hope one day I will be able to get at least of the the two back to keep and show my kids to pass on. In the end I'm going to make a tag for the bag that will give the names of everyone who has worked on it and the dates, including myself..

Oh, did I mention I have a wedding I've been planning in May.. Ya this is mainly a in-the-car-trip project, for now anyway. Feel free to comment on how much I have gotten myself into!!


What's in a name

A few weeks ago I wrote a post and shared some pics of our new lamb Fern. Earlier this week we were surprised to find 3 new babies, 2 of which are twins. Around here, animal get names things like: Wilbur the cow, Shrek the mini donkey, Chiquita the lamb. Normal kid friendly names...

Now, one of the new babies is black, the other is white. Naming twins aren't as difficult as you may think, several names were tossed around -Bonnie & Clyde, Frick & Frack, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Black & Tan, my personal favorite Thelma & Louise, probably too many to list and it sort of got out of hand as you can see from Peanut Butter & Jelly.

BUT... If it's left up to Brian and no one else is at the farm at the time of birth.... then they are called Black & Decker... Only one problem there... at the time of naming, no one knew if they were male or female. Looks like we have 2 girls with very rough names!

If you're wondering about the other new baby, she hasn't been named yet. She is by far the smallest of the bunch, but has a funny black line that runs the length of her mouth so it always looks like she's smiling.. Will keep you updated on her naming process and maybe get some photos if it will ever warm up!!


How to waste a good 30 min of your Friday...

This morning I was browsing other blogs.. as I normally do and came across McCafe Coffee Ring Snowflake Generator on The Great Hexagon Quilt-Along Blog

Go on, do it.. you know you want to!



I've got it down to a science.. 7 min = 1 burp cloth.. not bad. They aren't too difficult anyway. I just wish I had made them when Kelly's boys were babies! These 2 sets are for our new nephew Owen. The second set with three in it happen to match his quilt and blocks I made, but have yet to post pictures of. I mailed them off to him yesterday.

Brian and several other people have been on me about selling burpies, bags, blocks, even baby quilts. I'd like to, but it's all a time factor. I just don't have much extra time right now due to the wedding and everything that goes on around here. I've decided to put a few things on Etsy. Nothing huge, just a few things that I have made, just to see what happens. I'm planning to get more into it if it goes well and after May when the wedding is all done. If you're interested, I'll let you all know when it's all up and running on Etsy

It's been a very exhausting weeked and I'm TIRED! If I could, I would sleep for a whole day! But, that doesn't seem to be anytime soon. I was hoping for a whole day right after the wedding to do nothing but sleep and go no where... turns out I was wrong and our short wedding week just keeps getting shorter and shorter.


Meet Fern...

Fern is the newest addition the farm. She was a week old this past Saturday. No one else wanted to name her, so I did! She is the cutest thing - she runs and hops like she trying to play. Duke our beagle would love nothing more than to playn with her. He gets to nose her through the stall door for now.

Hopefully by tomorrow morning we will have another baby, if not twins! I'm sure Fern would love to have little friends to play with. Mom just isn't that exciting!