Off to a great start...

So this is about how my day started off.. Well minus the total look of disgust from whatever that is they have in their mouth... Mine was because it was raining and all I really wanted to do was stay in bed. But it's now 7:15 and I'm awake... on a Saturday.

I don't know what it is, but it sure isn't good

A day when I've planned to work on my new Juki to figure out what the heck is wrong with it. Because now I'm pretty angry at it. It won't stitch longer than 15 seconds without breaking thread and I've tried everything.. changing needles, a million different ones and changing thread... adjusting tension. I seriously have no idea.

This is actually how I feel about my machine at the moment..

But hopefully it will get better. Kinda like this! See how happy she is now. It amazes me how big they are now. Pretty much sitting up on their own, probably with a little help. But I'll say on their own.

But then again maybe I should just go back to bed and forget the day even started. I mean technically the sun hasn't shown itself and if I close my eyes who would know the difference anyway.

Even Walker looks a little hesitant about waking up. That dog is Walker, as in Walker Texas Ranger. He's not mine... I promise!!

Now I'm off to Ellipticize, as Brian refers to it. Maybe after that I can find something else to occupy my time so I don't have to look at that dumb machine.
p.s. - you two twerps are the reason I'm cleaning out my bank account. But it's ok, one day you'll have to support your Auntie because she spent all her cash on plane tickets. You're taunting me here.


He feels the need....

The need for speed!!

Yes, that's right... he's got a moped. A bright, shiny, red moped. One in which he took out on his first real ride this morning to a doctors appointment at the VA. Now, it's not that far, but hey it's a long haul for something that barely makes it to 35 downhill.

He of course loved it and said while on his way to the VA he was worried he'd look like a idiot on a moped. To his surprise, he wasn't the only one there.

And today, I may have slightly, only for a second questioned why on earth I married this goon... But then again, how would I get awesome pictures to blackmail him with for the rest of his life!!!

AND, it gets 100 mpg... so that's like a total of $3.66 to fill that baby up.. oh help him! He figured it's about $90 for a years worth of gas. I'm just sad it's not pink like we previous expected.

The helmet was a bit snug, even for his little head.

What a NERD!

It's like watching a train wreck, it's hard not to stare

The Nature of our Funny Farm

Over the last year or so, I've noticed that the farm where we live consists of animals who may otherwise have an identity crisis. It's something we honestly haven't tried to fix, because it's pretty funny to watch sometimes. Our beagle seems to think he is to be friends with every creature on the farm... and we have a lot of creatures. I caught him napping with Ollie (Oliver) one of our new little kittens. Before I could take the picture, Ollie hopped up and acted like he wasn't doing anything wrong.

The same goes for these two. They don't really have names. I just call the white one Chubs and the black one Licorice. They belong to the girl who rents from us and she decided to set them free.. on a farm where dogs play and cats roam.. she set them free. They've been out of their cages for nearly 3 weeks now and still no casualties to report. Pretty impressive if you ask me. Duke like to play with them and roll them all around the pavement. It really upsets Brian because he's a Beagle and to him, he should be a rabbit dog... not so much.

They look pretty small here, but believe me they are about the size of Duke.

Last night as I was on the phone with my dad I looked up in a tree and found this little guy. I say little, but really he extended out about 6 inches and was a good inch in diameter. It was pretty neat to watch and wished there was some way to keep it so I could ship him to Texas as a birthday present for Zac!
I resisted, Kelly... you're welcome.
Mom said it was a tomato worm, so did dad. But, I of course used my Googling powers and found out it should one day turn into a Cecropia Moth. Go on, Google it. They are really pretty.

As for quilts/ projects, I've been pretty busy with a couple. Hoping to have them ready by the end of the weekend.. and some photos.