Western Babies

My fabric that I ordered nearly 3 weeks ago finally came in yesterday. I decided I needed to go ahead and get all the other fabric I will be using for these baby quilts this morning. After spending almost an hour in Jonesborough at TN Quilts, I've come up with these.

They will be a mixture of log cabin patterns with some sort of neutral sashing that makes them match each other. I wanted them to match since they are for twins, but not too matchy matchy.

I'm going to start cutting them in a few minutes, but not sure how far I'll get today since it's Saturday and that requires me to be out on the farm with all the kids.

I finished the quilt, diaper bag, burp cloths, and blocks I made for Becky, Brian's SIL. She is due in 3 weeks so I made it just in time. I'll have those pictures as soon as his dad emails them to me. I would have to say it was my favorite baby quilt so far.

Cupcakes, Pie, & Shiner

I finished the first two Cupcake Pincushions. The pattern is very very easy, no real issues. I think they look a little odd though. I did get a tip from the ladies at Tennessee Quilts in Jonesborough though. They suggest using extra fabric scraps to fill them instead of the recommended sand, which of course would be a mess and I don't like to clean up anything, not even messes. So here they are:

I bought one of the neatest books at their store this morning. It's called "Little Stitches for Little Ones" 20 Keepsake sewing projects for baby and mom by Amy Butler. I bought the book for a particular friend of mine who has a new baby but I flipped through all the pages and realized I would love to have one for myself so that I can make gifts for all those babies in my life.. none of which are mine.. thank goodness for now anyway. I've realized that if I didn't have a full time job and a farm to hang around I could sit in my sewing room and sew projects and quilts for all my friends/families kids and babies and be totally content. BUT, I went to college and now have to pay that loan back.. so I work instead and play on the weekends. What a terrible life.

Last Wednesday we did our normal Sunday grocery shopping, of course we were late seeing as how it wasn't Sunday. Lately we have no schedule and everything is all out of whack. Anyway as we are getting ready to checkout at Walmart, Brian says "let's get a pie". So.. we did. I knew as soon as we got home he would do this:

And eat the ENTIRE thing in about 10 minutes, by himself.. Now when that day comes and he can't see his feet because his belly is in the way, I will laugh and say I told you so.. until then I have to watch him devour things like a whole pie while I get one or two bites and have to quit. Feel free to email him and tell him how much you hate him for having a great metabolism.

Oh and because he's so cute.. here's Shiner!


All X-mased Out & Too Many Projects

It's Friday.. yay. It's been a very long week and yet we haven't done much.

Last night was my office x-mas party.. oh goody. You all know how I feel about it. It was alright, just clicky, if that's even a word (I'm thinking not, or if it is that's not how you spell it) It was like being in high school when everyone had their own groups to hang out with. I'm not the only one who mentioned that about last night, go figure. Tomorrow night is a mini xmas deal with Laura, Rebecca and the spouses. Oh, and Elsa! Can't forget her! I love xmas, it just is crummy because I can't be in Texas and instead will end up traveling to Brian's parent's for 48 hrs. Yes, that's a 5 hr drive each way, so we will spend at maximum 38hrs.. i'm sure this is making no sense..

Amongst every thing else I have going on sewing wise, why not start something else, eh! I'm in the process of creating the mini Cupcake pattern I bought while in Texas. It looks fairly simple and you use old scraps, which I don't have much of.. unlike my mom who says she can make at least 2 scrap quilts from one planned quilt. Anyway, I bought the pattern with the intention of making one for Laura and Rebecca and giving them a copy along with it. Well that haven't received them yet, because I haven't made them yet. Go figure! The two of them have a facisnation with cupcakes and have managed to stop in other cities to buy them. That's dedication. I'll post pictures on here when I get them finished tonight.

I spent most of the day searching for fabric to make quilts for Mandy and her mom Jo Ann for all the help they have and "will" be doing for the wedding, especially Mandy - I seriously appreciate you! So Mandy if your reading this.. you'll be getting a quilt, nothing ginormous. Oh and Kelly helped pick out the fabric.. so blame her if you don't like it!!!

So.. let's count the quilts that are either being planned or in the process:
1. Brian's new niece or nephew - due date Jan 19 - progress: needs binding
2. My new niece's quilts - due date March 17? - progress: haven't received fabric in the mail
3. My new nephew's quilts - due date March 17? - progress: haven't received fabric in the mail
4. Kelly's quilt - Hopefully by the wedding in May - progress: a few pieces of fabric bought
5. Mandy's quilt - Hopefully by the wedding in May - progress: I've planned it and thought about it
6. Jo Ann's quilt - Hopefully by the wedding in May - progress: I've planned it and thought about it

I have 6 quilts to finsih in the next 5 1/2 months and various other projects that are wedding and baby related... Oh and Bethany's apron..

If procrastination was a degree in college I would have earned it a million times over!


Twin Quilts

If you don't already know, I'm going to be an Aunt.. not just any Aunt, but an Auntie! My brother and sister-in-law are expecting twins - one of each. I believe the names are final, but then again what do I know, Riley and Nathan.

As soon as I found out she was pregnant I immediately started to ponder what I would create for them. As if these kids wouldn't be spoiled enough. Since I love western stuff, and Im not too terribly fond of "traditional" baby quilts or colors for that matter, I've come up with this.

Please ignore the fact that I feel like I need to plan every quilt out thru Microsoft Word as you can see below. It makes me feel better to have a plan.

I liked the cowboy/cowgirl fabric the best and it came in 4 different colors and is called Tumbleweed Tots, even better! I'm not a huge fan of pink, but for some reason, I really am excited to make this one! As for the rest of the fabrics, I haven't chosen them yet and am actually waiting for them to arrive int he mail. I ordered them from a The Fat Quarter Shop which is actually n Texas believe it or not! It should arrive this week sometime.

Since the babies aren't technically due until mid-late March I still need to get them done ASAP. Leslie has had a little trouble and the Dr.s expect the twins definitely before the due date but sometime between xmas and then. So it's really up in the air. I'd like to be able to see the babies when I give them to them, but that won't be until May at our wedding and I may just try to hold off til then. We'll see, anyone who knows me, knows that I have very little will power.

Feel free to let me know what you think. Im open to suggestions before I go and grab all the other fabric to match. Oh.. I really wanted to use a minkie cow print on them somewhere. If you don't know what minkie is, it's very soft, almost furry fabric.


Go Elf Yourself!

Go ahead... Laugh it up!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards


Quilted Christmas

This will be our first Christmas in our own house. I DO NOT count last year because let's face it, that was not a "house", it was a a dirty building with walls and a roof. That is a different story I'd rather not relive. So for our first real Christmas in our house, I wanted to make a tree skirt and stockings. My intention was to have these done way before now, but as usual I decided to pick up more projects in between and we're lucky they are done at all.

I found this fabric back in October, you know when stores insist on putting all the xmas stuff out before Halloween and Thanksgiving. Since we live on a farm and we've always loved western things, I made a western tree skirt.

It's not 100% finished because I have yet to sew binding on the center where it goes around the tree. I figured it was close enough to use and then finish after we take the tree down. The brown is a fake leather that I bought several years ago for purses and the wonderful thing about it is that it doesn't fray like cotton! The back is lined with 2 pieces of red felt. Pretty simple.

As for the stockings, they are pretty simple and plain. I found a pony print fabric when I was in Texas with my mom at a quilt store. When I cut them out, Brian said they looked awfully big and wanted to know exactly how much I could fit in his. I had to explain to him that once you add seams, it wont be that large anymore. So when he comes in from work today and sees them, I'm sure he will be sad now. I haven't gotten around to putting names or any decoration on them. I want to and plan on it, but like the tree skirt it will have to wait until after xmas. I bought these two stocking holders at Hancock Fabrics a few weeks ago for $4 each because their legs were broken off... nothing Gorrilla Glue can't fix.

The Snowman's scarf and Santa's beard are the hooks.
Our Tree

Yes, that is John Wayne behind it. After I asked Brian if he though we should buy an angel or a star for the tree, he said we didn't need one because John was there.


So... I've made a blog, now what?

I think my intentions on this was to post what our lives have become. Not that it's anything bad, it's just getting very difficult to keep everyone informed.

Another part of this is to show finished quilt/sewing projects, mainly to my mother, who of course lives in a completely different state. Now that I think of it, the majority of the people who might read this live in a completely different state. Either way, this is it. Feel free to make suggestions because I know nothing about what I've started!

I wonder how often I can keep this thing updated...