John Deere Green

Well, kind of anyway...
Sara, a friend of mine from when I was a kid, has a little boy who is turning 1. And, he's having a tractor party. I hope this goes along with your tractor theme Sara! If not, well... I'm sorry!!

Just kidding! I hope you like it, and if not let me know. There is still time to change something!

Itty Bitty


Seriously, I hate small pieces. I never thought this quilt would turn out with such teeny, tiny pieces of fabric. Those little pinwheel things, the whole block is about 3", the other squares are 2" each.. but still, that's small to me.
If and when I'm done, it will go to Gia. Gia Harper... She should be here on the 27th, or so I'm told. Let's hope I finish it in time to get it there before she makes her debut.
So, it's coming along.. I guess.



Meet Tuff.
As in Tuff Hedeman, World Champion Bull Rider.
It was simple naming him really. Tuff 'Poncho' Hedeman Schwartz. See this is why we can't have kids. They will end up with names that either make them look awesome, or completely stupid.. and mostly the latter.

He is suposed to be a Lemon Beagle... which I have my doubts. We were thinking Lemon Beagle mixed with Spaniel.. makes more sense. Anyway, he's 6 months old and totally sweet! Duke didn't exactly LOVE him at first. He stood his ground and stayed on the couch.. and watched from a distance.

Things are getting better though. He now allows Tuff to hang out with him on the couch.. although Tuff is only allowed to play with him unless he (duke) initiates it.. I think it's his top dog in him.

We have nicknamed them Poncho (Tuff) & Lefty (Duke)

Don't worry Duke, you're still king of the castle!

1st Birthday

with Mickey!

This was taken with the camera on my phone, so it's not so great.

Well, kind of.

I made this for Owen, yesterday. His 1st birthday is next Monday and his parents (Brian's brother and sil) LOVE Disney World. It turned out much better than I had anticipated, but still not perfect. Hopefully he gets it in the mail before the big day, would probably defeat the purpose!



Today is cold.
Probably the coldest I've seen since moving here.
I mean cold, as in 6 degrees when I woke up this morning, kind of cold.
The snow we received over the weekend is still hanging around, but since it's been below 20 degrees for so long.. everything is ICE.. and I.don'!!!

Duke and I ventured out this morning to show you what cold looks like. See Duke, he doesn't like the cold. He prefers that I turn the heating pad on for him to curl up on.

I went down to see Shiner earlier. He wasn't happy either. On one hand he gets double the hay, on the other.. he has to constantly wear an ice cycle mustache for a while.

Meet Ollie, he's pretty sweet. He's more of a dog than Duke.

Come on Ollie, let's go to the house.. It's WAY too cold out here

What, you're leaving us? Seriously!!? So this is how it's going to be.

Well fine then!

I wonder if his tongue had any ice on it after this. He kept sticking it out and licking the ice off his lips.
So, until it warms.. Duke and I will stay shut up inside the house. But with all the drafts in this house.. I get the idea of the temperature.


Goodbye 2009, Hello Future

I want to consider 2009 the year of being crapped on.. But, before that, let's discuss the good things that happened..

Like becoming an Auntie to these 2

Getting married

Another new little boy for quilt making

Realizing you have a daredevil for a husband

Actually selling items in my shop (I was hesitant)


Lots of sewing for all my friends/family who are fertile.. very.very.fertile.

It was a long year, or seamed like it anyway. If it wasn't one thing, it was always something else. work, Brian's school stuff, job searching.. more like life searching, the farm, the stress of living with a veteran, medical issues... I could really keep going. But, I won't. I feel like I've added 5 years to my life in 2009. I feel old, really old.

So, with that said.. it's 2010 and as of today I am no longer employed. I've been there since I graduated college and moved far far away from home to TN, which will be 3 years in March. I came to this decision because in its place I've decided to go back to school to get my license to teach. It's something I wanted to do during my first round of college, but never followed through with. It hasn't been the easiest process by any means, but I'm doing it anyway. It's the change I need, because seriously, I needed a change BAD!!

2009 was a whole year of doubts. Lots and lots of doubts. Since moving here, it's been hard for me to get comfortable with the idea of this is my home and now I won't be living in Texas. Well let me tell you, just because your husband tells you it's like a new adventure.. doesn't mean it's easy. It's taken nearly 3 years and I still miss home some days. During our trip home for Christmas, we had lots of time to sit in the airport discuss life. Which never scared me until I moved here.

In the next 2 years we hope to expect the following:
Both of us graduate
See the Farm grow
See Little Dudes grow
Move into a bigger house
Get Duke a sister (which almost happened yesterday)
Travel and have time away
See our friends and family more
and quite possibly a baby Schwartz... don't email/call/text me and ask me if it's in the 'near-er' or 'near-est' future.. because it's not. but the near future as in 2 years.
That's why this is the plan for 2 years... BECAUSE, I don't do well with resolutions and if I plan for 2 years, it gives me more than enough time to accomplish things!!

With that said, Happy New Year! Since I won't be working as much and will have more time to sew and do things I'd like.. it just might be a better, happier year.