Fall's Here!

I made it home from Texas Sunday night. As in last Sunday night. A week ago. I'm way late on posting pics. BUT, it was obvious that Fall decided to grace us with its presence... This is what it looked like Monday morning before work. I swear I was only gone 4 days and everything was green then. Amazingly we had 40mph winds yesterday morning so all the orange ad yellow leaves are now on he ground and things are starting to look like the depressive state of the year.. boo!

When I was in Texas, I had to thing to accomplish... help decorate for the reception and throw Bethany a baby shower. B & her hubby were married 2 years ago and instead of having a big wedding they went to the JP because Jeremy was in the Navy. So, last weekend was the make-up for the reception... AND since she is nearly 7 months prego... we also had a shower! A baby shower at one of our old favorite Mexican Food restaurants where we all went to college! Well worth the wait, I tell ya!

Imagine constructing a diaper cake.. now imagine doing it in a hotel room in 1 hour. It's not all that complicated, I've made them before.. but this one.. it's definitely my favorite one so far! I bought the little sea life wooden cut outs before I left for Texas and drug my paints, hot glue gun, spare ribbon, raffia ribbon and whatever else I could cram in my suitcase for that extra $20 fee for baggage I was going to incur. Everything else I bought at Target in Huntsville. Which, if you've never been to Huntsville, ignore this comment.. BUT, read my lips, Huntsville has a TARGET people!! I was there for 4 years and we drive 30 miles to go to Target, I graduate and move away and BAM.. ginormous TARGET! Whatever, it's not like I'm bitter about it or anything.

The rest are just photos from the weekend, mainly the decorating we did and all my old friends.

Bethany.. nearly 7 months pregnant!!

the girl wanted carved pumpkins, so that's what she got!! I now have some flesh eating disease on my carving hand.. Brian says it's from the pumpkin slime.. we'll see if I loose a limb

CAKE, I love CAKE!

Here is a blurry pic of me attempting to cut the cake.. with no real instructions from the cake lady on how to cut such an odd shape deal. I made it work and people were pleased to have larger pieces that they probably should have.. WHATEVER!
Finally, at 3am Sunday morning after a very long weekend of decorating.. Some of us decided that the popcorn balls that were leftover needed some sort of farewell... into the Trinity River! By the way, don't judge me because I have sweatpants on under my dress from the reception.. it was cold, 3am and frankly I didn't really care. I am however, not a master golfer and will never have the chance to do this again!

Texas was wonderful, even though I ended up with a dinged rental car the very time I ever rented a car. I never thought I'd admit to missing Huntsville, TX.. but I did and still do. It was lots of fun and we're all thinking about doing againg in a few years.


Sneak Peek

The 'Cowboy' quilt is on its way to its new home way down in South Texas! As always, it took longer than I expected. But really, did any of you honestly think it would happen in the short time frame I manage to give things. I'm not very realistic in the amount of time I give myself to complete projects for other people whether for sale or gifts. (See the Mermaid expedition below...) I did a little more in the quilting of this one than I have previously done with MY machine. I've used mom's to make all kinds of designs, but not mine. I was nervous! I think it turned out alright, better than I thought. You can't really tell from the photos but, there are stars in the corners of the sashing along with long loopy swirls. I stippled each block and the outer border.

As for the Mermaid expedition... I started it on Sunday afternoon and woke up this morning around 5:00 to finish piecing the back and throw it on the Wanda, the quilt frame. I did a wavy line, kind of like water/ocean. It looks pretty cool and I think will make the back look even better. (finished photos to come after the baby shower Friday and after I get home on Sunday..)

Monday would have been a great time to work on it, but my Mondays are occupied by 12- 15 screaming kids on the farm.. so scratch that idea. We usually aren't done with everything until 8, then we go and eat dinner with Jim & Sharon.. so you're looking at 9:30.. but last night was even longer.. anyway it's a long story... So I was up early this morning all because this quilt has to be ready to go come Thursday morning @ 5:00 am. The binding can wait, I can do that on the plane. As long as it's ready by Friday, I'm ok.

So, this evening will consist of:

-finishing the Mermaids
-making a set of burpies to match
-sorting laundry to wash
-searching for work...

Because come tomorrow, I've got to pack and well let's face it... it will never go as smoothly as I would hope.



It's been a while since you have been able to see what these two are up to. Well, I'm no better since I live 5 zillion miles away from them, I have to make do with the pictures their momma posts elsewhere.

They are, from what I understand very happy little twerps. Which is good, because they are trouble with a capital T and have managed to learn the art of crawling. Well, boy twerp has anyway. I think girl twerp gets up on all fours and it looks like she's playing Twister. But, when it comes to trouble, this is what I picture. Actually I see this photo and think TEAMWORK!

It's obvious who started the whole thing, right!? Walker Texas Ranger over there is the instigator. Those poor twerps are just the workings of this operation, Walker is the brains. He knows there is food in there and since they are human, they should be able to open it for him. This should be one of those inspirational posters you can buy, and have it titled TEAMWORK!

As for Uncle Fester, he's nice and warm with his new jacket. Doesn't he look like a creepy little man?? Either way, there will be no need for that jacket come Christmas when we all get to go to Texas! A full 5 days of Auntie lovin! These kids are so screwed!

I'm seriously considering getting over my fear of applique and making them each x-mas onesies. Like little reindeer or snowflakes.. who knows. I mean what else are Aunties for other than to make them things holiday related and then force them to wear them for my enjoyment?! Exactly!


Cowboys & Mermaids

Two days before our wedding I was informed by my good friend from college was pregnant. She of course was worried I'd be upset that she told me right before the wedding. Seriously, who cares about the wedding, you're having a baby!! I was excited to say the least! Of course I immediately assumed it was a girl from day one, and what do ya know.. it is! Lily Kay will be here sometime in January and how on earth would I let her come into this world without a quilt from her Aunt T!
Bethany and Jeremy live in Florida and decided they wanted a beach theme for their daughter, well guess who's making the bedding?! That's right, me! So, we went with Mermaids and other usual underwater creatures. But not your typical beach theme. The quilt will of course come first because I have to take it with me to Texas in a week for her shower/reception. It's complicated situation, so you won't see the actual quilt until I get back.

This quilt will belong to Cavan, as long as his mommy approves of it. I went ahead and made it after Tracye requested a quilt from some of the fabrics I made burpies out of last month. Here's the problem, I didn't have much of the cow print and knew what little I had of the blue was going to be pieced for the back. Anyway, I used other prints form the same fabric line and this is what I came up with.

It's very busy with all the cowprint on the front, BUT I really like it!! And I hope to God she does too! It was pretty windy yesterday when I was taking these pictures and it wouldn't stay still on the line. As you can see, Shiner decided to grace the photo with his presence... thanks Shiner!

The quilt is in the process of being quilted as we speak. Well not really since I'm obviously typing this, but you get the idea. I know I said I'd have it in the maid today, but really if anyone knows me... it never works like that. There is always SOMETHING that ruins my plans. But, either way TRACYE, I hope you like it cause it's going to be a heck of a do-over!! ;)