The Nature of our Funny Farm

Over the last year or so, I've noticed that the farm where we live consists of animals who may otherwise have an identity crisis. It's something we honestly haven't tried to fix, because it's pretty funny to watch sometimes. Our beagle seems to think he is to be friends with every creature on the farm... and we have a lot of creatures. I caught him napping with Ollie (Oliver) one of our new little kittens. Before I could take the picture, Ollie hopped up and acted like he wasn't doing anything wrong.

The same goes for these two. They don't really have names. I just call the white one Chubs and the black one Licorice. They belong to the girl who rents from us and she decided to set them free.. on a farm where dogs play and cats roam.. she set them free. They've been out of their cages for nearly 3 weeks now and still no casualties to report. Pretty impressive if you ask me. Duke like to play with them and roll them all around the pavement. It really upsets Brian because he's a Beagle and to him, he should be a rabbit dog... not so much.

They look pretty small here, but believe me they are about the size of Duke.

Last night as I was on the phone with my dad I looked up in a tree and found this little guy. I say little, but really he extended out about 6 inches and was a good inch in diameter. It was pretty neat to watch and wished there was some way to keep it so I could ship him to Texas as a birthday present for Zac!
I resisted, Kelly... you're welcome.
Mom said it was a tomato worm, so did dad. But, I of course used my Googling powers and found out it should one day turn into a Cecropia Moth. Go on, Google it. They are really pretty.

As for quilts/ projects, I've been pretty busy with a couple. Hoping to have them ready by the end of the weekend.. and some photos.

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Kelly said...

First of all THANK YOU for not sending me a live "bug" in the mail! Although yes Zac would have been thrilled, and Colby too for that matter!! Funny blog post!!! Good Job!! Duke seems like a character for sure!!