Going 'Green'

Do you use re-usable shopping bags?? We do. Now, I know what you're thinking. YOU use re-usable bags???!! Yes, I know, it's a shock that Brian would be ok with this. He is of course totally against the tree-huggin hippy types, which there are quite a fair share of them around here. Actually, to be quite honest, we don't do our Sunday morning weekly grocery shopping without them. Do you realize how much you can pack into them?? We have a stash of mainly Walmart's, a Lowe's, and a couple Wal-Greens.

We aren't completely going all Green and what not. He does however have an obsession with changing out all the light bulbs with the good ones. I know nothing about this. More so because I choose not to listen.

So I participated in a swap recently. I decided on a re-usable shopping bag. The point of this swap was to use at least 2 fat quarters and add something we don't normally use. I added ric-rac, although I haven't used it 'recently', does that count?? Anyway, this bag came together WAY to easy, and then I realized that the stripes were'nt lining up on the sides.. of course! It's not too terribly off, that's why I didn't show you the flaw in it, I'll let you imagine how bad it was.

You're looking at a picture I snapped of Shiner last Sunday. It seems as though My trusted little colt has decided he loves no one else but his little buddy Cipi (who knows how to spell that horses name, I swear!) It has become more and more difficult to work with Shiner, much less attempt to catch him in the first place!! SO, to break him of this, he will be spending a huge chunk of his time in 'solitary confinement' away from Cipi! This is what our little caged baby looks like! He's a cryer man... you can hear him all the way up at the house. But, it's gotta be done.

Doesn't he look so big!! He'll be a whole year old May 5. I've got a Cinco de Mayo horse!

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