Road Trip

Don't we look like such nerds!

Friday evening we left for Nashville, well not really Nashville, but it's somewhere south of there.. you get the idea. Brian's best friend growing up got married Saturday afternoon, they also had a baptism ceremony for their little boy Aiden, who is 5 months old. All of this on Easter Weekend!! Great Timing! It was a long drive and we didn't get in until midnight or so, then stayed up talking with his family until 2:00 am. Seriously, we aren't late night folks! By 7:00 the next morning the phone was already ringing for Brian to help Danny pick up last minute things for the wedding. Imagine this, they had to pick up the cake, flowers, 2 kegs and the wine. I don't know if I would trust them to grab my cake, since to them the booze were what was important! Somehow they manged to make it, with everything in order! The wine however was opened before the baptism even began, it was a long day!

This is a picture of Brian and Danny, the groom. You see, they've known each other FOREVER and this is what happens when they get together with music and beer. Seriously, don't judge us, it's just who we are! Here's my question to you, if you know what a Keg Stand is, more power to you, if not you should just stop reading here. I really wish I had pictures of it, but I don't and I can only describe to you what actually happened. When was the last time you were at a wedding where someone did a Keg Stand, I have never been to a wedding where that occured. However, at this reception not only did the Groom's mom, dad Bride's mom, dad and just about anyone and everyone within arms reach of the keg, did a Keg stand. I must say it was a heck of a party and definitly one that I won't soon forget.

All I can say is no matter what my mom will not be doing one at my wedding, and Im pretty sure neither will Brian's. We'd like to keep it that way! We danced and we danced and now I remember why barefoot dancing when alcohol is around, is not a good idea. My wonderful, uncoordinated fiance' stepped all over my feet, but still it was a lot of fun!

Oh, ya. We took duke with us this weekend and boy are we pooped! ...

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