What I've Been Up To...

As you all may know, there's a wedding coming! Or as Brian refers to it.. 'the hitchin'. Rebecca was kind enough to take my bridal photos, as well as our engagement pics. But, I have to say how excited I am about them. They turned out really well!! And for a 90 degree day in April, this is what you can expect... Don't worry, Brian wouldn't even know how to begin to find my blog, nor would because I told him these photos would be on here. He's very superstitious about this hitchin' (wedding)

Look, a veil... who would have guessed

I'm no expert, but this picture is pretty neat!

This is what describes me, not a foofy bride staring out a window!

Brian's horse, Traces

So, I'm very pleased to say Rebecca is seriously awesome, no? You should all go over to her blog and let her know!

The countdown begins, we have less than 3 weeks until the wedding, 2 weeks til Texas. Im excited for the vacation to be honest, we both need it!! AND, like usual, I have managed to take on way more than I should ever have to, but that's just how it goes. Thanks to my mom, I can let some of it go to her to finish... so thanks mom, now I'll be able to crack the whip on you and not myself! kidding.

Lastly, today, being Cinco de Mayo and all I'd like to take a moment and wish Shiner a happy birthday. He's a whole year old today. And I heard a little while ago, he sent his birthday jumping a fence! So he's grounded!

Me and Shiner, he's not much for photos


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Tracy!! Those are so awesome and original. Such a pretty country bride!

Happy Hitchin'!!