We finally made it back to TN. It was a long 9 days away and we did way too much while we were gone.
Hopefully I'll have picture of the the wedding and everything else soon.
This weekend we will have to adjust back to our lives, minus anything wedding related. Which is alright with me.
We'll have to start with Shiner next week, he needs lots of work. I'm ready for it!
Oh, and Duke.. he was so happy to see us he wouldn't quit whining.
and.. I got the best wedding present... EVER... courtesy of my new husband!
It's a Juki machine with a HandiQuilter Portable Frame... seriously what else could I ever want. Oh ya, fabric to make quilts to use on the frame!!

And.. check this out. I consider this one of the best things at our wedding! She made this topper for the groom's cake and it seriously turned out so much better than ever could have expected. It made it back to TN in one piece.. but who knows how long it will stay like that!

now, all i want to do it sleep for like 3 days!

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