Parents, Projects & a 25th Birthday

It's been a long 2 weeks. I obviously haven't posted anything recently. That's because things have been a little crazy to say the least. My parents came to visit, which was a first for them, I've been working on several projects, and I 'celebrated' my 25th bday yesterday.

Mom & Dad were were here for a long weekend about two weeks ago. They got to see the farm and of course dad tried out the scooter. No pictures to prove it, but believe me.. it was hilarious. Brian & I took them to Boone, NC one day and these are a few of the pics we took. Nothing too special except for the fact that dad wanted pictures, but didn't want to get out of the car to be in any of them.. hence the photo of him with his head out the window.

These are taken at a lookout of Watauga Lake in TN, about 20 miles from our house

We spent a few hours trolling around the Bristol Motor Speedway. Dad has always loved NASCAR, but I don't think he could ever enjoy being at a race. It's hot, overcrowded, drunken rednecks... and Im sure it's a boatload of fun. When the race comes to town here, every spring and fall... it's best to either leave town or don't leave your house.

After browsing the gift shop, dad couldn't find matching #49 Jimmy Johnson onesies for the twins, so he settled on #49 socks and something else, I'm not sure. In the world of NASCAR... you have your favorite driver and you hate everyone else. Especially little Jeffy Gordon.. as Dad calls him.

I guess they had a good trip. they didn't seem to say anything too bad about it here. Brian did everything he could to make them want to move here, which cracks me up. Dad was taking bids from us and my brother and his wife, who live in Colorado, to see who could offer the best deal. I don't think it's likely we will win that seeing as how they have babies and the scenery is much different there. On a side note, a friend of Mom's let them borrow his GPS.. which I might add is HILARIOUS!!! The fact that the machine tells them where EVERY antique/junk store is between here and Texas.. can only spell disaster... or a very long drive. In the time it took them to get here, Brian and I could have driven there and back!!

Do you see this? This took me entirely too long to complete. i had so many complications and frustrations.. But, it was finally mailed out this week and Mandy, I hope she likes it.

Diaper bag, 2 sets of car seat strap covers, 4 burp cloths, and a mini quilt.
(Duke kept following me around and wouldn't get out of my pictures)

This quilt is to be raffled off to support our nonprofit here at the farm - The Little Dudes Ranch Project.
Tickets will be $5 and the raffle will go from Saturday 9/26-Saturday 10/3. My goal is not to make a fortune, but to raise enough to where it's something I can do every year at Horse Days.

The color of it doesn't stand out in the pics. This is what it looked like two nights ago, it's currently being quilted and Im hoping will be complete for tomorrow, when the raffle begins. It's going to be a nice sized lap quilt and is done in Pashmina by Moda. If and when it's complete, there will be more pictures to share. Hopefully that is tonight.

On a LAST side note, I had my 25th bday yesterday... one in which went so very wrong. Nothing was right all day, even the day before was bad. Brian called me just before 5:00 yesterday at work to tell me he needed me to take him to the hospital as soon as I got home. Well, if it'sbad enough for him to call and ask me to do that, then I knew it was bad. I immediately left work and rushed home, only to find him curled up on the bench outside looking like CRAP. He could barely walk and complained of a head ache. After all was said and done the ER doc released him last night saying it was a severe migrane. they pumped a lot of stuff in him and I'm not convinced it was a migrane. I have my doubts and still think this all has something to do with a head injury while he was deployed to Iraq... He's home now, and should be resting.. I say should.

If you have read this far, that means you are now caught up in the last two weeks...

The End


Tracye said...

Happy Birthday! Wish it went better... for both of you. I didn't realize our day's were so close. Mine was last Friday.

Too bad you didn't get a picture of your dad on the scooter! I'm glad they had a good time.

Hope Brian's feeling better.

Mandy said...

Hey Tracy! Happy Belated Birthday!!!
I got the package today, and I love every bit of it!!! Thank you so much!!! It's too cute! I know Sue will like it too!! I will email you on Monday re:payment.
I hope Brian is feeling better!!!
You guys take care!!!

the Provident Woman said...

I love diaper bag! Great job!

Kelly said...

Sue got her stuff yesterday from you & LOVED IT!!!
You're so talented woman!! Keep up the good work!!! : D

I do want to suggest you should add some business cards with your info on them to stick in the diaper bags, I know she's going to get all kinds of comments about it, and where they can get one. I know when I carry the Bob The Builder bag, I always get comments from people wanting to know where I got it from!! Just an idea!!