Cowboys & Mermaids

Two days before our wedding I was informed by my good friend from college was pregnant. She of course was worried I'd be upset that she told me right before the wedding. Seriously, who cares about the wedding, you're having a baby!! I was excited to say the least! Of course I immediately assumed it was a girl from day one, and what do ya know.. it is! Lily Kay will be here sometime in January and how on earth would I let her come into this world without a quilt from her Aunt T!
Bethany and Jeremy live in Florida and decided they wanted a beach theme for their daughter, well guess who's making the bedding?! That's right, me! So, we went with Mermaids and other usual underwater creatures. But not your typical beach theme. The quilt will of course come first because I have to take it with me to Texas in a week for her shower/reception. It's complicated situation, so you won't see the actual quilt until I get back.

This quilt will belong to Cavan, as long as his mommy approves of it. I went ahead and made it after Tracye requested a quilt from some of the fabrics I made burpies out of last month. Here's the problem, I didn't have much of the cow print and knew what little I had of the blue was going to be pieced for the back. Anyway, I used other prints form the same fabric line and this is what I came up with.

It's very busy with all the cowprint on the front, BUT I really like it!! And I hope to God she does too! It was pretty windy yesterday when I was taking these pictures and it wouldn't stay still on the line. As you can see, Shiner decided to grace the photo with his presence... thanks Shiner!

The quilt is in the process of being quilted as we speak. Well not really since I'm obviously typing this, but you get the idea. I know I said I'd have it in the maid today, but really if anyone knows me... it never works like that. There is always SOMETHING that ruins my plans. But, either way TRACYE, I hope you like it cause it's going to be a heck of a do-over!! ;)


Kelly said...

I love it!! I hope Tracye likes it too!!
Yay for babies & baby bedding!! : )

Tracye said...

I don't like it.


It's absolutely beautiful!!!

You are super talented and did an awesome job! Thank you so much!Can't wait to get it. Let me know what I owe you... and not JUST for the material, either!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh Aunt T!!!! I love your stuff!!! Your the best EVER!!!