Today is cold.
Probably the coldest I've seen since moving here.
I mean cold, as in 6 degrees when I woke up this morning, kind of cold.
The snow we received over the weekend is still hanging around, but since it's been below 20 degrees for so long.. everything is ICE.. and I.don'!!!

Duke and I ventured out this morning to show you what cold looks like. See Duke, he doesn't like the cold. He prefers that I turn the heating pad on for him to curl up on.

I went down to see Shiner earlier. He wasn't happy either. On one hand he gets double the hay, on the other.. he has to constantly wear an ice cycle mustache for a while.

Meet Ollie, he's pretty sweet. He's more of a dog than Duke.

Come on Ollie, let's go to the house.. It's WAY too cold out here

What, you're leaving us? Seriously!!? So this is how it's going to be.

Well fine then!

I wonder if his tongue had any ice on it after this. He kept sticking it out and licking the ice off his lips.
So, until it warms.. Duke and I will stay shut up inside the house. But with all the drafts in this house.. I get the idea of the temperature.


Anonymous said...

Awee Duke looks sooooo cold! I couldn't help but laugh because his little face says it all!!


Tracye said...

SIX degrees? As in, 6? Degrees?

Can't even imagine it.

But I sure would like to experience it!