Meet Tuff.
As in Tuff Hedeman, World Champion Bull Rider.
It was simple naming him really. Tuff 'Poncho' Hedeman Schwartz. See this is why we can't have kids. They will end up with names that either make them look awesome, or completely stupid.. and mostly the latter.

He is suposed to be a Lemon Beagle... which I have my doubts. We were thinking Lemon Beagle mixed with Spaniel.. makes more sense. Anyway, he's 6 months old and totally sweet! Duke didn't exactly LOVE him at first. He stood his ground and stayed on the couch.. and watched from a distance.

Things are getting better though. He now allows Tuff to hang out with him on the couch.. although Tuff is only allowed to play with him unless he (duke) initiates it.. I think it's his top dog in him.

We have nicknamed them Poncho (Tuff) & Lefty (Duke)

Don't worry Duke, you're still king of the castle!

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Tracye said...

He's so cute! I had a beagle ages ago...