Tiny Love

Today is the day. The day I get to pack my flip flops and catch a plane for sunny Florida! I'm excited for several reasons. The top 3 being:

1. We have snow on the ground, and I am so OVER IT!
2. I get to see Bethany and pretty much do absolutely nothing for 5 days!
3. Lily! Remember a couple months back when I was making this, well she's finally here! (3 weeks on Friday)

So, of course hubs will be spending his Valentine's by himself. I'm sure he's okay with that. Although he's getting company, don't think I'd leave him to a while weekend alone!!! His parents will be staying til Monday.

In honor of Valentine's day and sweet baby Lily, I made this for her first one!


My favorite part is the little ruffles on the legs! It was entirely too easy to do. And since she's only 3 weeks old and Florida isn't THAT warm, I made her a few pair of baby leg warmers!

So two things I can cross off the list of things I'd like to learn and master. The leg warmers by the way are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO easy.

Anyway, I'm off to breakfast with the hubs! With all this snow, ETSU has canceled classes today so Im taking him to a truly traditional college student breakfast! I should know, I was one for 4 years prior to my recent attempt at returning. So off we go to breakfast in our JAMMIES!!

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Tracye said...

I LOVE the ruffles!

How did you make the leg warmers? Chubs has a few pairs, but Hubs hates them. I LOVE them!