I'm Alive!

I've been absent for over a month now. I know, I've heard it from several people already!!
I've been 'busy' with so many things it seems, and yet most days I feel like I didn't accomplish much.
But... I have thrown together a photo montage of what I did do for the past month...

I flew to Florida to see my best friend from college.. who coincidentally had a baby back in January

Since it was such a tiny plane, we didn't fly very high and I was able to look at the snow on the mountains as we went over.. I left snow, cold and rain in TN....

only to find rain and clouds in FL... bummer. I can however cross seeing the Atlantic Ocean off my list of things to do. Oh, and visiting FL. Bethany and I had lunch at some seafood place on the beach and we would have walked longer, but the wind was SO cold.

(this consists up a chocolate cake, cool whip, Carmel syrup, Chocolate syrup, and crush up Butterfingers... and you have to eat it warm, or else it doesn't count)
We ate lots of junk while I was there.. and by junk I mean so much sugar that my stomach hurt. Since she does have a newborn, eating schedules and everything else was thrown off by 4 or 5 hours, which I was okay with.
She was on a baking kick, so we ate dessert before every meal.. I mean that is how it should be.. if you can hold your sugar anyway. (

And the best part of the trip.. Lily Kay! She's so cute and lots of entertainment while I was there. It was one of those vacations where you stay inside the whole time and do nothing but hold the baby, feed the baby, change the baby and play lots and lots of Mario Kart on the Wii!

Oh, ya... it's like two holidays too late.. but Happy Valentines Day..

After I got home, I had to get started on these.

The TWERPS turned 1 at the end of February and as their auntie, I am supposed to make them (horribly) cute birthday outfits... right???? So, here is my attempt at sock monkey first birthday attire. The skirt for Riley turned out really cute, I thought.

The shirts, however... well the monkey's seem to look like they got their heads stuck in a vice grip.. I'll try to work on that next time!

AND, these two had their first birthday... Wow! a Whole year man!

Don't worry, there will be another post all about them! THEY'RE WALKING PEOPLE!. well girl twerp is anyway!

I made this quilt for Gia, a new baby who belongs to one of Brian's best friends.

Front Back

So Brian, the hunter, decided Gia needed a pink camo dress... I was not about to let him pay $30 for something she probably will never wear. So, I opted to make it. I can honestly say I didn't think it would turn out near as good as it did.

So it looks like girl twerp may be getting one!!

Lastly.... Duke has been getting a little thick, chunky, chubby.. whatever you want to call it... here is the proof.
Also, check out Tuffy... he's such a goober and the devil of the two of them!

Ya, I gave him a halo... it's fitting

Congratulations... you actually check out the entire month I missed!! Wow, you are either a sucker for pictures of my life, have no life of your own or must have a lot of free time on your hands! Either way... you are now up to date!


sjhkinnison said...

I LOVE the pics of the twerps with the birthday cake! ADORABLE!

Tracye said...

I guess I'm a sucker for pictures of your life!

Love them all! You're awesome!