Pink Lemonade

I love these flowers, they are SO easy to make and not one ever looks the same!

I've made another one. Except this one is on it's way to Florida for Easter. I mean how many 2 month olds do you know that DON'T have a tutu already. Since it's her first Easter, I figured it should be huge, poofy and remind me of pink lemonade! She should be able to really wear it and love it when she's older, so it will grow with her. I like the tieing in the back ideas, MUCH better than any sort of elastic or button concoction.

So Lily, when you're old enough you can call your Aunt T and tell her how much you despise your pink lemonade tutu and she will gladly make you another one! Complete with matching headband, which I didn't get a photo of.


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HEY!! I am going to try to get pictures of Lily soon in her tutu!! I love it! Thanks!