What's in a name

A few weeks ago I wrote a post and shared some pics of our new lamb Fern. Earlier this week we were surprised to find 3 new babies, 2 of which are twins. Around here, animal get names things like: Wilbur the cow, Shrek the mini donkey, Chiquita the lamb. Normal kid friendly names...

Now, one of the new babies is black, the other is white. Naming twins aren't as difficult as you may think, several names were tossed around -Bonnie & Clyde, Frick & Frack, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Black & Tan, my personal favorite Thelma & Louise, probably too many to list and it sort of got out of hand as you can see from Peanut Butter & Jelly.

BUT... If it's left up to Brian and no one else is at the farm at the time of birth.... then they are called Black & Decker... Only one problem there... at the time of naming, no one knew if they were male or female. Looks like we have 2 girls with very rough names!

If you're wondering about the other new baby, she hasn't been named yet. She is by far the smallest of the bunch, but has a funny black line that runs the length of her mouth so it always looks like she's smiling.. Will keep you updated on her naming process and maybe get some photos if it will ever warm up!!


Kelly said...

Peanut butter & jelly!?!? REALLY? That cracks me up!!! Post pictures woman! I want to SEE these cute little babies!!

Kelly said...

Oh & don't act like you are busy!!
HAHA J/K Love you!!!