I've got it down to a science.. 7 min = 1 burp cloth.. not bad. They aren't too difficult anyway. I just wish I had made them when Kelly's boys were babies! These 2 sets are for our new nephew Owen. The second set with three in it happen to match his quilt and blocks I made, but have yet to post pictures of. I mailed them off to him yesterday.

Brian and several other people have been on me about selling burpies, bags, blocks, even baby quilts. I'd like to, but it's all a time factor. I just don't have much extra time right now due to the wedding and everything that goes on around here. I've decided to put a few things on Etsy. Nothing huge, just a few things that I have made, just to see what happens. I'm planning to get more into it if it goes well and after May when the wedding is all done. If you're interested, I'll let you all know when it's all up and running on Etsy

It's been a very exhausting weeked and I'm TIRED! If I could, I would sleep for a whole day! But, that doesn't seem to be anytime soon. I was hoping for a whole day right after the wedding to do nothing but sleep and go no where... turns out I was wrong and our short wedding week just keeps getting shorter and shorter.


Kelly said...

that's it I'm having another kid!!!! I want to use those, they are adorable!!!

Rebecca said...

these are totally on my list of things to make. i've been sewing, really! actually, so much, that i've screwed up both my machines and now neither work! yikes! hope to some day make burpies in seven minutes like you do!

V and Co. said...

okay love the burp cloths too cute! and i think i'm going to try a hex quilt soon..grandmothers garden-y looking.

Tracy said...

Thanks! I have a Grandmothers Flower Garden I've been working on.. I stress the working on part. It's all done by hand. my soon to be MIL found pieces of a Grandmothers Flower Garden that her Grandma and various others worked on in the 30's. I guess I'll have to make a post about it soon. I keep forgetting about it. It will take me years to complete!