As you may know (or not) My brother and his wife are expecting twins... a girl & a boy! Lucky!! Matthew was deployed to Iraq for most (ALL) of her pregnancy and was rushed home by the Red Cross a few weeks ago because she was supposed to be in labor. It's been a whole mess/risky ordeal for her. Anywho, he was able to come home and stay past his 18 day emergency leave and he won't have to go back, at least for this deployment anyway, because the rest of the guys are starting to come home next week I believe. It's his third deployment there, nothing new for our family.

If they see this, I'm sure they will love the fact that I posted a picture of them!!

So I talked to him last night and she was supposed to be induced on Thursday, but there were no available beds. So they just had to wait. he called me last night cussin up a storm because if you know how military hospitals work you would get the idea. After 30 min of him venting and a trip to the greatest place on earth.. Whataburger.. (only in Texas can you get one of these by the way) he hung up. Evidentally last night he had to take her in because she was going into labor. IT MUST HAVE BEEN THE WHATABURGER!

So.. I'm sitting here... W-A-I-T-I-N-G to hear if they are here yet... patiently waiting.. Well not so patient, I did wake my parents up this morning to see if they had heard anything yet. In my defense it was nearly 8AM here, can't help it that you live in a different timezone - kidding mom!

Cross your fingers for little redheads!!!

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Rebecca said...

hooray. i can't wait to see photos of those redhaired babies!