I'm a Schwartz

Once you get married, you start to aquire things. It wasn't until the wedding that I officially acquired these guys. Christopher, Caitlyn, Corbin, & Owen. Christoopher, Brian's oldest nephew will be spending a few weeks with us soon. The kid is in for a rude awakening because Brian plans to work him, hard... He needs it, he needs to get away from his brother and sister who I'm sure drive him insane.

Not to be confused with these two little turds: Nathan & Riley aka 'the twins'.
Both are starting to teeth and Riley has decided she would like to practice her rolling so that one day she might be able to steam roll right over her brother. The little squirts are now 3 months old and well let's face it... I'm already looking up flights and times I can fly out to Colorado to see them next year. I'm hoping for their birthday in February. Bubba (my brother, no that's not his real name, we are from South Texas, not East Texas) and his wife will be moving to Ft Carson at the end of this month, where he will be stationed for who knows how long. Seriously, they should be stationed in Kentucky, it's much closer to me!!

I've made a list of everything I want to accomplish by the end of August. Some of the top priorities are to paint/redo our bathroom. Sew more, actually sew enough to be able to use my new quilter. Completely organize our house.. ya that's sounds like a lot of work. Oh, and add more items to my my shop!! AND, since everyone continues to keep on having babies, I will just have to add making quilts and such to that list.

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May the Schwartz be with you. :)