Quilted Christmas

This will be our first Christmas in our own house. I DO NOT count last year because let's face it, that was not a "house", it was a a dirty building with walls and a roof. That is a different story I'd rather not relive. So for our first real Christmas in our house, I wanted to make a tree skirt and stockings. My intention was to have these done way before now, but as usual I decided to pick up more projects in between and we're lucky they are done at all.

I found this fabric back in October, you know when stores insist on putting all the xmas stuff out before Halloween and Thanksgiving. Since we live on a farm and we've always loved western things, I made a western tree skirt.

It's not 100% finished because I have yet to sew binding on the center where it goes around the tree. I figured it was close enough to use and then finish after we take the tree down. The brown is a fake leather that I bought several years ago for purses and the wonderful thing about it is that it doesn't fray like cotton! The back is lined with 2 pieces of red felt. Pretty simple.

As for the stockings, they are pretty simple and plain. I found a pony print fabric when I was in Texas with my mom at a quilt store. When I cut them out, Brian said they looked awfully big and wanted to know exactly how much I could fit in his. I had to explain to him that once you add seams, it wont be that large anymore. So when he comes in from work today and sees them, I'm sure he will be sad now. I haven't gotten around to putting names or any decoration on them. I want to and plan on it, but like the tree skirt it will have to wait until after xmas. I bought these two stocking holders at Hancock Fabrics a few weeks ago for $4 each because their legs were broken off... nothing Gorrilla Glue can't fix.

The Snowman's scarf and Santa's beard are the hooks.
Our Tree

Yes, that is John Wayne behind it. After I asked Brian if he though we should buy an angel or a star for the tree, he said we didn't need one because John was there.


Kelly said...

I LOVE it!!! John Wayne LOL that's funny!! I could totally see Brian saying that, who needs a star or angel when you have JOHN WAYNE?!!
I love your quilt work as usual!! You are so very talented!!!

Mandy said...

So can I put my name on that list?? Those are too cute!!! And like Kelly said I love the John Wayne pic!!!! LOL!!! Hope all is well with y'all!!!

Rebecca said...

i love it all! awesome tree skirt, that fabric in the center is sweet! and just how much of that fake leather fabric do you have?? cute stockings. i immediately noticed john wayne above the tree and thought he was a perfect tree topper!!! you've been busy. you coulda used that diaper stacker as blog fodder too, you know!?

susan said...

haha! i love it
your tree skirt looks so purty!
i bought some of that fake leather to make purses with too!
i need to make a tree skirt for my nekkid tree.
i found you via rebecca