Cupcakes, Pie, & Shiner

I finished the first two Cupcake Pincushions. The pattern is very very easy, no real issues. I think they look a little odd though. I did get a tip from the ladies at Tennessee Quilts in Jonesborough though. They suggest using extra fabric scraps to fill them instead of the recommended sand, which of course would be a mess and I don't like to clean up anything, not even messes. So here they are:

I bought one of the neatest books at their store this morning. It's called "Little Stitches for Little Ones" 20 Keepsake sewing projects for baby and mom by Amy Butler. I bought the book for a particular friend of mine who has a new baby but I flipped through all the pages and realized I would love to have one for myself so that I can make gifts for all those babies in my life.. none of which are mine.. thank goodness for now anyway. I've realized that if I didn't have a full time job and a farm to hang around I could sit in my sewing room and sew projects and quilts for all my friends/families kids and babies and be totally content. BUT, I went to college and now have to pay that loan back.. so I work instead and play on the weekends. What a terrible life.

Last Wednesday we did our normal Sunday grocery shopping, of course we were late seeing as how it wasn't Sunday. Lately we have no schedule and everything is all out of whack. Anyway as we are getting ready to checkout at Walmart, Brian says "let's get a pie". So.. we did. I knew as soon as we got home he would do this:

And eat the ENTIRE thing in about 10 minutes, by himself.. Now when that day comes and he can't see his feet because his belly is in the way, I will laugh and say I told you so.. until then I have to watch him devour things like a whole pie while I get one or two bites and have to quit. Feel free to email him and tell him how much you hate him for having a great metabolism.

Oh and because he's so cute.. here's Shiner!

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