I have a tendency to only buy fabric for projects that I am working on. I've never really been able to just buy a yard here or there, unless I knew what I would do with it. Yesterday I spent over an hour in Tennessee Quilts looking for these. I try to limit myself to only going once a month, which I was dig so well until they decided to take 20% off of everything in their shop for the ENTIRE month of January. My thinking was, hey buy everything you need now, and save a little. Good thinking, because I have taken on a task I may not have been prepared for.

I went ahead and bought fabric for the 3 quilts I'm doing. 2 of them were easy to pick out, the 3rd... not so much. They are definitely going to be 3 very different quilts when it's all done. I don't have a favorite one yet, but I'm sure once they are done and ready to quilt I will. Either that or I will be ready to throw them all out and let Shiner use them.

As for the twins, here are theirs! They ended up larger than I thought/wanted them to be. I still had intentions on adding a 5" border to the outside, but figured they are already so big and I will have plenty of time to make them bigger ones in the next 18 years. They won't be able to use the for a while anyway because if they come early they will probably be in the hospital for a while. So I'm not rushing to have them quilted just yet. I can't decide if I want to finish them on the way to Texas in May or finish them and mail them to Leslie soon.

I've never use a log cabin pattern before and I got the tutorial from here (She's got a lot of really neat tutorials and quilts.) It's pretty simple. I'm happy with the way they have turned out. I don't like frilly baby blue and pink baby blankets.


If you're wondering, in the past week I was able to not only book a DJ for the wedding, but also a Photographer. It was a really long week and all I can say is some people really value their photography, probably more than they should! We ended up barely over our budget, but I'm satisfied and won't have to worry about it. :)


amandajean said...

your quilts turned out fabulously! nice job on both of them!!!

Rebecca said...

wow! i'm not a pink fan at all, but i LOVE the girl's quilt. it came out so nice. and the boy's is lovely, too. i was at TQ saturday and Sandra said "Tracy was in here earlier..." great minds think alike. that 20% off sale may have me stopping back by there a few more days this month. i bought fabric. actually, i always buy fabric with no particular project in mind so i have a stash that is huge. i think your method works out much better though.

and, i love looking at crazymomquilts' quilts & blog. she always has projects that i find really appealing.

love log cabin pattern. it's probably my most favorite of all.

glad you booked the dj and the photographer. does he/she have a website so i can see the photos? can't wait to try out my new lens on you!