A New Vue

In my short lifetime as a licesnsed driver, I have never experienced a "new" car. I've had 2 Dodge Neons, both of which were red, go figure. The first one I got my first year in college, the second came my last year in college. Since I'm grown up now, I suppose I need a grown-up car, or one in which Brian can at least fit in. Being 6'4 and then some, it's hard for him to fit in the neon, much less ride for hours on end.

All of this started at Christmas with Brian's family. His mom bought a brand new Saturn Outlook (i think that's what it's called) Really, really super nice! Heated seats, remote start (so when it's freezing outside, all she has to do is push a button and bam it's started. Something Texans know nothing about.) She said I should drive it, and I did. And I realized I needed one. It didn't take much talking into for Brian, because well he hates my car and is in no way going to let me drive it to Texas for the wedding for (20+ hrs).

As of yesterday we are the new owners of this:

It's a 2008 Saturn Vue, not the really awesome Outlook his mom got, but think of it as the baby version. I really like it and it has so much room, so Brian likes it. Now we will be able to make it to Texas for the wedding in May, in one piece! Since the back seats fold down, Brian suggested we save money and sleep in the car on the way. I'm still not so sure about that!

Oh and today there was lots of ice on the road and I was sooooo nervous about driving it to work. Took me 45 min instead of the normal 25.

As for quilting, I have the babies quilts and mostly cut out and the log cabin pieces sewn together. I should be able to post some pics tomorrow.


Kelly said...

I love it!! Very very cute!!!
Congrats on the NEW car!!!

Rebecca said...

yay! it looks prettier in person than in that photo. can't wait to see your progress on the twins' quilts.