Quick Update - Gypsy Rose Quilt

Here is a quick shot of the Gypsy Rose lap quilt. I should have the entire top complete by the end of the day-HOPEFULLY.. I'm actually way behind where I wanted to be. I'll probably spend most of tomorrow cutting the other 2 quilt's pieces out. But, until I can manage to find the time to finish this top, here is a brief view..

When I bought these Fabrics, Sandra from Tennessee Quilts immediately said " those are VERY different from what you normally buy" she must have known it was a gift for someone else, because she was right. Although, I'm beginning to like it more every time I look at it. It's pretty, but not fru-fru pretty at Brian would put it.


I'm spending this morning cleaning the house... I HATE cleaning. When I was in college, everything was always clean, now... I can't keep anything clean. I'm convinced it's because we live on a farm and let's face it, I'll never be a housewife, nor would I want to! I can deal with dirt, it's the clutter in such a small place that drives me CRAZY! Oh, that and the mountain of laundry that continues to pile up in the chair in our room.

After Laura's lesson this morning, she and I are going to run errands. Well they are my errands. I have to get a few things for a swap that I'm in - Sewing Swap with a Twist. Rebecca has me hooked on swaps, particularly Swap-Bot. Anyway, I need to find 3 sewing related items - a yard of rick-rack, couple spools of thread, buttons, fat quarters, safety pins, etc. - to send to someone else in the swap.

I just received a package in the mail yesterday from my partner in Wedding Day Mini Survival Kit swap. I was very surprised at ALL the stuff in the box. It all came packed in a neat little zipper bag. Brian and I went through it last night and there is a ton of cool stuff. I had to pack it away for the wedding or else Ill end up using it now!

Speaking of swaps, Rebecca has sent me a possible swap for a purse/bag using Amy Butler fabric. I really like Amy Butler fabric, but am finding it very hard to find the time to do it. I don't have very much longer to decide whether or not I'm doing it. I think the deadline is the end of the month and then the bag has to be sent out by Feb 15. Mom, you may want to do this, maybe? Oh - or Sandra.. you read my blog, right? ;)


And, because this cracks me... he's taking up fishing with Jim evidently... I promise it will make you chuckle!


Rebecca said...

i don't remember that fabric at all from our trip to TQ!? i thought we looked at teals? yeah, i hate cleaning house, too. oh, so you decided to try a swap-bot swap? good for you, hooray. hope you liked it.
OMG, is he really getting into fishing, too? fly fishing? when will he have time to do that? does jim ever have time to fish? like, maybe once a year, right?

Tracy said...

This was fabric I bought earlier this month when I went on my fabric rage.
As for Brian, he and Jim are supposedly taking up fly fishing... but I'm like you, when will this happen. Between mucking stalls and giving lessons, oh and let's not forget coon hunting.. Just so much extra time for fly fishing!!