Tah-Dah! BABIES...

So... they finally made it. I wasn't able to get great photos (ones that weren't on a cell phone) until this morning. Matthew has evidently been busy with the babies! Go figure, I'm sure it's just the beginning Bubba!

Saturday, February 28 @ 5:14 & 5:15pm. Riley was first weighing in at 5lbs 8oz, Nathan at 5lbs 9 oz. Leslie is doing fine, now that there isn't two small humans playing soccer with her organs! Oh, and neither of them will require time in the NICU as previosuly thought. They actually came out much larger and healthier than expected, although she did carry them past 37 weeks, which everyone thought may not happen.

I love that their names are on their little hats.

And Bubba, I'm not sure if you read this blog, but I'm very proud of you! You are now a daddy.. (scary) but it's pretty stinkin sweet!! CONGRATS! Thanks for giving me two adorably wonderful babies to spoil rotten and send home to you!!! I can't wait! Oh, and Leslie if you read this, I guess I do owe them a pony. Leslie said if they stayed in past 34 weeks (i think) then their Auntie would get them a pony!!

I love this picture of my brother, all he kept saying on the phone to me was, 'Tracy, they are so cute!' If you know Matthew, it doesn't sound like him at all!

This blog will once again be directed to the farm and quilting.. maybe.. someday! But for now it will be all about the coolest kids I know, my new niece and nephew!! Get Over it!!!


Mandy said...

Congrats Auntie Tracy!!!

Rebecca said...

There they ARE! Proud Auntie!