Fall's Here!

I made it home from Texas Sunday night. As in last Sunday night. A week ago. I'm way late on posting pics. BUT, it was obvious that Fall decided to grace us with its presence... This is what it looked like Monday morning before work. I swear I was only gone 4 days and everything was green then. Amazingly we had 40mph winds yesterday morning so all the orange ad yellow leaves are now on he ground and things are starting to look like the depressive state of the year.. boo!

When I was in Texas, I had to thing to accomplish... help decorate for the reception and throw Bethany a baby shower. B & her hubby were married 2 years ago and instead of having a big wedding they went to the JP because Jeremy was in the Navy. So, last weekend was the make-up for the reception... AND since she is nearly 7 months prego... we also had a shower! A baby shower at one of our old favorite Mexican Food restaurants where we all went to college! Well worth the wait, I tell ya!

Imagine constructing a diaper cake.. now imagine doing it in a hotel room in 1 hour. It's not all that complicated, I've made them before.. but this one.. it's definitely my favorite one so far! I bought the little sea life wooden cut outs before I left for Texas and drug my paints, hot glue gun, spare ribbon, raffia ribbon and whatever else I could cram in my suitcase for that extra $20 fee for baggage I was going to incur. Everything else I bought at Target in Huntsville. Which, if you've never been to Huntsville, ignore this comment.. BUT, read my lips, Huntsville has a TARGET people!! I was there for 4 years and we drive 30 miles to go to Target, I graduate and move away and BAM.. ginormous TARGET! Whatever, it's not like I'm bitter about it or anything.

The rest are just photos from the weekend, mainly the decorating we did and all my old friends.

Bethany.. nearly 7 months pregnant!!

the girl wanted carved pumpkins, so that's what she got!! I now have some flesh eating disease on my carving hand.. Brian says it's from the pumpkin slime.. we'll see if I loose a limb

CAKE, I love CAKE!

Here is a blurry pic of me attempting to cut the cake.. with no real instructions from the cake lady on how to cut such an odd shape deal. I made it work and people were pleased to have larger pieces that they probably should have.. WHATEVER!
Finally, at 3am Sunday morning after a very long weekend of decorating.. Some of us decided that the popcorn balls that were leftover needed some sort of farewell... into the Trinity River! By the way, don't judge me because I have sweatpants on under my dress from the reception.. it was cold, 3am and frankly I didn't really care. I am however, not a master golfer and will never have the chance to do this again!

Texas was wonderful, even though I ended up with a dinged rental car the very time I ever rented a car. I never thought I'd admit to missing Huntsville, TX.. but I did and still do. It was lots of fun and we're all thinking about doing againg in a few years.

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