Sneak Peek

The 'Cowboy' quilt is on its way to its new home way down in South Texas! As always, it took longer than I expected. But really, did any of you honestly think it would happen in the short time frame I manage to give things. I'm not very realistic in the amount of time I give myself to complete projects for other people whether for sale or gifts. (See the Mermaid expedition below...) I did a little more in the quilting of this one than I have previously done with MY machine. I've used mom's to make all kinds of designs, but not mine. I was nervous! I think it turned out alright, better than I thought. You can't really tell from the photos but, there are stars in the corners of the sashing along with long loopy swirls. I stippled each block and the outer border.

As for the Mermaid expedition... I started it on Sunday afternoon and woke up this morning around 5:00 to finish piecing the back and throw it on the Wanda, the quilt frame. I did a wavy line, kind of like water/ocean. It looks pretty cool and I think will make the back look even better. (finished photos to come after the baby shower Friday and after I get home on Sunday..)

Monday would have been a great time to work on it, but my Mondays are occupied by 12- 15 screaming kids on the farm.. so scratch that idea. We usually aren't done with everything until 8, then we go and eat dinner with Jim & Sharon.. so you're looking at 9:30.. but last night was even longer.. anyway it's a long story... So I was up early this morning all because this quilt has to be ready to go come Thursday morning @ 5:00 am. The binding can wait, I can do that on the plane. As long as it's ready by Friday, I'm ok.

So, this evening will consist of:

-finishing the Mermaids
-making a set of burpies to match
-sorting laundry to wash
-searching for work...

Because come tomorrow, I've got to pack and well let's face it... it will never go as smoothly as I would hope.


Kelly said...

Once again Tracy you amaze me by your talents!! Hope you get everything done & on time! Can't wait to see pictures of the finished product!!

Tracye said...


I subscribed to your blog ages ago (I know you're not blogging here anymore) but I never saw this.