It's been a while since you have been able to see what these two are up to. Well, I'm no better since I live 5 zillion miles away from them, I have to make do with the pictures their momma posts elsewhere.

They are, from what I understand very happy little twerps. Which is good, because they are trouble with a capital T and have managed to learn the art of crawling. Well, boy twerp has anyway. I think girl twerp gets up on all fours and it looks like she's playing Twister. But, when it comes to trouble, this is what I picture. Actually I see this photo and think TEAMWORK!

It's obvious who started the whole thing, right!? Walker Texas Ranger over there is the instigator. Those poor twerps are just the workings of this operation, Walker is the brains. He knows there is food in there and since they are human, they should be able to open it for him. This should be one of those inspirational posters you can buy, and have it titled TEAMWORK!

As for Uncle Fester, he's nice and warm with his new jacket. Doesn't he look like a creepy little man?? Either way, there will be no need for that jacket come Christmas when we all get to go to Texas! A full 5 days of Auntie lovin! These kids are so screwed!

I'm seriously considering getting over my fear of applique and making them each x-mas onesies. Like little reindeer or snowflakes.. who knows. I mean what else are Aunties for other than to make them things holiday related and then force them to wear them for my enjoyment?! Exactly!

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Tracye said...

Every word and picture on this post made me smile.

They're so cute!