and you shall receive..

Got home yesterday afternoon. Walked to the barnlot only to find Brian and his buddy Jake locked in the feed room with a BB Gun 'exterminating' mice. Seriously, it was like watching two of the most redneck guys you've ever seen. "Oh, there's one, quick he's gonna run" Before
MY Daisy Red Ryder could even be pumped, it would be gone. I don't think any mice were even harmed. We keep our feed in big metal trash cans so the little critters can't get into it, and yet this is what they do down there while waiting for lessons to end. I think it's the highlight of his day honestly.

Back to the asking and receiving part.. I found our camera!! ya, it was on the coffee table.. with all the other things I couldn't find in the last 4 weeks. I'm pretty sure I will be cleaning it off tomorrow in my weekly Saturday morning cleaning adventures. Now, when I say 'cleaning adventures', it is by no means enjoyable for me. But have realized that if I don't at least pick up things, sweep and wipe down all the counters (which we only really have 2), then everything really just gets out of hand. BUT, I promise to take pictures of a few things I've been meaning to share and post them by tomorrow... sometime.

Oh, and work with my new quilt frame and machine. I've named it Thelma, i figured since I will be spending so much time with it, it needed a name. Just makes me feel better when I decide to shout obsenities at it.. makes it more personal. So Thelma and I will be appologixing to each other and starting over since we didn't get along last weekend while trying to roll fabric on the leaders for the first time. I'm sorry Thelma.

And, I am going to force myself to spend a couple hours with Shiner. I mean I want to, and I need to, but there is so little time after I get home from work during the week. I'm going to the farm store during lunch today to get him a new halter. He broke his last one, thanks to Brian's training session. Will show you pictures of him too! He's so big and has filled out so well!!

Also, if you ask for pictures of your niece and nephew who coincidentally are moving to Colorado today.. You get them! Matthew, if you're reading this.. Thanks Bubba!!

Thing 1 & Thing 2

Baby Tag-Team Wrestling, minus the tagging

Babies look good on ya bubba, who'd of guessed!

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