Sewing List

I've been racking my brain for a long time with all the 'projects' I'd like to do. Most of the time I forget them and never go back to them. I decided that now is as good of a time as any to do them, or at least get them on paper/blog. This way I have to do them!
Now...I'd like to give my self a deadline, like the end of this year, but if you know me, then you know it's not likely. So I will shoot for the end of the year, and hope i make it. If not, that's fine too. Oh and some of these may be squeezed into the same project... And I promise to post pictures once I cross each item off my list!

in no particular order:

-curtains for the kitchen (3 sets)
1 set down
Zig Zag quilt pattern
only aqua, red, white in a quilt
-a quilt for Bethany's baby (due Jan something or other) sex not known yet
-a quilt for Kelly's 4th! :) baby (due Dec18, i think) sex not known yet
-quilt with white sashing
-wall hanging in kitchen with fabric I already bought
-learn to applique, use it on something in the house
-make this ring toy by Heather Bailey
-actually get around to making Kelly's shopping cart cover (sorry Kel, really I am!!! baby #4's gonna need one)
-use the Darla Collection from Tanya Whelan
-make pillows for living room, instead of buying them
-shower curtain for our bathroom
Curtain almost finished, needs holes for hooks
-spiderweb quilt pattern
-subscribe to a quilt/craft magazine
-visit other quilt shops in the area, even if it means crossing state lines
-replace the apron I mailed to Bethany, but never made it to her in FL

*I may/may not add to this. But will try to keep it as up to date as possible. If you have an idea for an addition or revision, let me know what you think!

Oh.. and of course what's a post without pics of these two turds!!!


He looks so 'happy'

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Laura said...

I love that face!! He's thinking about how he's going to break that camera.