Lack of Photos

This past weekend I managed to completely finish the new shower curtain I planned for our bathroom. I would have a picture of the finished product, but you see... I can't find the camera. It's probably somewhere between here and Texas. The last place I saw it was Lake Charles, Louisiana. Some housekeeper at the Isle of Capri Hotel and Casino is probably taking pictures as we speak with it. and viewing all of our random ones from our wedding trip. Either way, I can't show you anything I've been working on, completed, or whatever. We are however in the process of buying a new camera, a spiffy new Nikon (or Canon) SLR.

But, back to the shower curtain. I picked the fabric out about 3 months ago, with the intentions of making a shower curtain to fit our tiny shower stall. It only took until late June to start/finish it. I will say this, I learned something new while making it. I learned to make a button hole.. holy crap. That's right, I'd never done one until Sunday and well it was so easy, I'm embarrassed. I'm pretty impressed that I was able to completely make the whole thing without one single hiccup!! So, when I can either locate my camera, or the new one finds its way to our house.. I will show it to you. Along with the set of curtains i made for the window over the sink in the kitchen. Oh, and the red, aqua, and white fabric I ordered to make this as well as the Darla fabric I ordered too.

I don't have any new pics of the twins.. because my brother hasn't sent me any.. go figure! Read it bubba, I need pictures.. I'm seriously dieing over here because you won't send me any. I guess I can forgive you because you are moving to Fort Carson, CO tomorrow.. but still. Help your seester out! I miss those little twerps, and your not so bad yourself.

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