Curtains & Post Holes

See.. I did finish the shower curtain! nothing fancy, just one that is sized to fit our shower stall. I picked out the fabric back in March. I'm considering going back and getting some more for curtains in our living room. Although, that might totally be weird. Please don't mind the green paint, it's not my particular favorite. I'd like to paint it yellow, like a golden yellow... or something like that. But seriously, it probably won't happen!!

I've been wanting matching curtains on all the windows in my kitchen since we moved in. I finally broke down and made this over a year later. I really like them and am somewhat impressed with my curtain making skills! Please don't mind my rooster clock, it never works when it's supposed to. Probably because it came from the dollar store.

and the post hole diggers. See they love it! Well I know Andrea does anyway. In Andrea's words, "4ft deep and 3ft deep are really the same, right?" This is them putting posts in for what will be the new shed for the horses to get out of the weather. I'm sure they will be appreciative, but then again we'll never really know that for sure.

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Laura said...

Andrea actually works?! Whoa!

I love those curtains :)