Christmas, Little Dudes Style

Last week was our last week of Little Dudes for 2009. Every year we have a Christmas party for the kids and let them pretty much each as much junk food as they can possibly consume and play random games. Nothing really set in stone other than lots and lots of sweets to hype them up and send them home!

These are their Angels.. it's hard to tel from this picture. They all painted and decorated them just how they wanted to! I highly recommend doing it with your kids!

During the Fall session I set out to make ornaments with the kids. My mom sent me a box of old ornaments a couple of months ago and in it was a soda can angel that I had made in the 6th grade during Art class. I like stuff like that and figured it would lots of fun for them. I never EVER expected the amount of fun they could possibly have with the wing making. It's so simple and I think we will be using it for something else in the Spring. All we did was take two pieces of wax, used scissors to shave crayon so that the wax was flaky on the wax paper. Then lay the second piece of wax paper over it and touch a warm iron to it. It melts the crayon and makes a small stained glass looking thing. I just cut out little wings and we glued them on.

Half of the kids had never seen a candy cane reindeer, so I was glad I made them. It was like a whole herd of deer man! I also made rice krispie treat houses. It was a kit, so don't go thinking I did it ALL on my own. The kit came with the house mold and then i decorated them with the candy and icing it came with. I'm not a huge fan of rice krispie treats, but aren't kids??! It was much better than a gingerbread house and much more edible! Although Im still trying to talk Brian into making a ginerbread house with me.. outcome isn't looking so hot on that one.

Spring Little Dudes starts in January and I've got a whole host of ideas and projects. It's mainly a chance for me to play craft time!!

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