Dear Santa...

I've taken the advice of those over at the Fat Quarter Shop and have decided to write a letter to you. Seriously, it's been probably 20 years since I last wrote you.. but let's face it, you already knew that. I have been about as good as expected I suppose. I mean what with all the stress and all who could blame me.. right? (this is where you smile, and nod in agreement).

Anyway, back to why I'm writing. It's really about the TWERPS.

This year I would like to have my very own copy of Baby Love Quilt Book by Allison Jane Smith. Being the most awesome Auntie that I am... I am really dying to make First Flutter for her and First Flight for him. Ok, I'm not going to lie.. I would also like it so that I can brush up on my applique' techniques. Ok, I mean learn how to applique. And since this is really about them.. THEY have been extra good this year. Well as good as can be expected from 9 1/2 month old twins. Even though they've had their moments of destruction and she's has managed to sit on her brother until he busts, they are PERFECT little angels!

If you can't arrange this request, please leave a note with my husband so that he can actually get me something this year instead of waiting until sometime in mid February and then just considering it a Valentine's gift.

Hope it's not to cold up there and if it is, I can make you a new quilt with the book you so graciously are going leave me.. it may be a little small... but then again maybe it's an incentive to drop a few pounds.. I know it is for me.

Until Next Year,

She can also see you when you're sleeping.. she's just good like that. We like to think she has a gift and one day may be a part of the mafia.. Just sayin'

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