A Very - TWERPY - Xmas

We went to the great state of TEXAS for Xmas. A friend of our referred to Texas as not a state, but an experience, and I agree! But, then again I'm a little partial. What being a TEXAN and all. BUT, that's not what this is about, well kinda. I spent 6 whole glorious days with the TWERPS!! There is really no need for commentary for the following photos, but I assure you.. there will be.

their xmas outfits, made by their AUNTIE!

Riley liked to lay with Uncle Brian and watch hunting EVERY morning

Princess Fancy Pants in her Baptism getup

Twerps + Spaghetti = Orange ring around the tub

THEIR loot

This piano was one of Nathan's favorites and Riley kept holding the top part down so it sounded out of tune and he was MAD

So, Auntie found these funny white stick on mustaches and thought it would be HILARIOUS to put on them.. IT WAS!

Fishy shoes from Auntie

You can now go back to doing whatever it is you were doing before you were sucked into all that is a Twerpy Xmas!

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Tracye said...

So many comments... where to begin?

LOVE the outfits!

Princess Fancy Pants? Priceless. Prepare to see that on my blog soon.

Spaghetti? For twins? Wow. Brave, brave parents.

And the piano and mustaches? Too funny!

I bet the laughs don't stop when they're around!