Mid-Afternoon Shiner

We had close to 8" of snow on Friday.. it was a complete nightmare! Shiner on the other hand was ok with it, I think.. He wanted his picture taken but the fence kept getting in the way.

These two projects are going to Kelly. She had her 4th boy last Monday! ya.fourth.boy...... Please give her a moment of silence, because she's not getting another one for the next 18 years! We get to see the boys and Baby Kyle when we get to Texas for Christmas!

Baby Kyle's mini quilt

I used satin blanket binding in chocolate brown to finish it. It wasn't the easiest by any means. I'd never used the stuff, and it was such a headache!

Baby Kyle's quilt

Surprisingly enough it only took me 2 1/2 hrs to quilt this one. As long as I can get the binding on it before Thurs.. I'll be in good shape! I will have plenty of time to do it while on the plane!


Kelly said...


I'm sorry it was rough making but I LOVE his mini blanket!!! I think my fav part is the big fat K on it!!!
I'm so excited you will be here soon!! YAY!!!

Laura said...

I love the mini-quilt. It's adorable!