From Weddings to Tattoos

Quick update on the wedding, we are just about done with everything! Oh, wait I'm totally kidding, there are still about 18 things on my list to complete before the long trek half across the country to get married. If you're keeping track, which I know some of you are - thanks for caring!! Beginning to feel like a one man show here.

Don't worry, you weren't left off the guest list!! I just haven't mailed the invites out yet, I've got them, mostly all addressed, just have to do that whole stuffing of the envelope deal. Yea, yea, I know I was supposed to do it this past weekend, and then the weekend before that, but I've been working on my Etsy business. Don't get too excited yet, I've still got to put items in the shop. Mandy, if you're reading this, I'll get it all done! Promise! Eventually! ;) I did have my dress fitted on Saturday, I was just happy it actually zipped up and that my boots looked really cool with my dress.

Oh, ya.. speaking of weddings. Brian received a text from his sister last night... it was of her new tattoo... on her back... the size of a softball... of 'Mater' (yes the same Mater from the Disney movie Cars, as in Larry the Cable Guy's TowMater)... Did I mention she is a bridesmaid... in our wedding... with a halter top dress. Please, oh please, someone tell me how in the world do you cover up a Mater tattoo. I can handle a few wedding mishaps, fine.. but how do you fix this.. Any takers?


Mandy said...

Ok woman, don't put it off any longer!! you gotta get those things out!! I wish I could help!! Is there anything else I can do for you? Forgot to tell you that Nancy found some more curly raffia from my wedding so I don't think you will need any of that!
As far as the Mater tattoo...(LOL)she will just have to purchase some really good make up!! or else!! Do we know why Mater?? :)

Laura said...


Just let me know what you need and I'm game!!