Blue Skies & 4-Wheel Drivin Babies

This past weekend we got to spend a couple of days with Mike and Becky, Brian's brother and SIL... oh and Owen, their adorably sweet, chubby cheeked little boy. We hadn't met Owen until now, who's 2 months old. Of course what's the first thing Brian wants to show his new little nephew.. the 4-wheeler! Those baby slings are not only good during shopping and what not, but also riding 4-wheelers. They should put that on the packaging. He didn't seem to mind much, he was busy napping anyway. Later that afternoon he also took his first ride on a horse, during which his dad said "Owen you're doing things babies twice your age haven't even done." Me being me replied " so you mean like a 4 month old, right?"

Mike has been nice enough to take the huge task of marrying us come May. We will be the first ones he has ever married and he even brought his little black manual on how to marry people and various other events. We were able to pick how we wanted to ceremony to go and needless to say it will be short and sweet. Straight to the point! There is a part during the ceremony where the bride and groom has the option to do the whole unity candle deal, except I asked Mike if he could write in there that the unity candle has been removed do to the current burn ban in Victoria County. I thought it was HILARIOUS... others obviously didn't.

All in all it was a really nice weekend, complete with lots of blue skies! Something that has been extremely rare around here.

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