Mod Beads, Sway, & Gypsy Rose

Finally, the tops are finished and I found the time to take a photo... It usually doesn't take me this long to complete a quilt top. I think it is because of everything else we have going on around here. Either way, they are out of my hands and will be on their way to Texas for quilting. Then back to me to finish up.

The pattern of these quilts are totally made up. I wanted to do something where the blocks looked like they were floating. Excuse the fact that the pics are terrible and look like the quilts are blowing in the wind, because well they were. It's hard to get a non-windy day around here lately. The smallest breeze and this is what you get.

Heather Bailey's Mod Beads, Sway & Swirls

Gypsy Rose
I really do like the way this one turned out. Not the greatest photo - I'm SO not a photographer - but the golds and purples look really neat together.

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Rebecca said...

pretty! i don't remember these fabrics though. they weren't the ones you looked at the day i was at the quilt store with you. i like the top one better, i'm not a hug fan of purple.