Aunt B's & Bacon Wrapped Pancakes

It seems as though our fearless beagle managed to make his way down to Aunt B's this morning. Now, Aunt B's isn't too far from the farm.. but in order to get there you must cross the Highway. First of all, I can't believe he crossed the highway!!! Second of all, when the ladies at Aunt B's called Brian ( thank goodness for Duke's dog tags), they said," Boy was he ever hungry. We wrapped bacon in a pancake, but he didn't like the pancake too good." Hey I'm just typing like they talk around here, don't judge me!

So now that Duke has had his taste of bacon wrapped pancakes, it's only a matter of time until he makes his way back down the road to Aunt B's. I for one am NOT happy about this. I mean really, I wish you people who find my dog would not feed him. HELLO, you're just inviting him to come back. Then Brian gets pissed because he's the one who has to go and get him, and more than likely gets really mad and yells at the poor puppy. Then he tucks his 'almost' tail as far between his legs as it will go and then proceeds to do some sort of army crawl move towards Brian. He obviously doesn't do this to me because I just can't scold him like Brian can!!

So, as both of them sleep on the couch behind me, I continue to work on wedding stuff. Seriously, how do I get a job like theirs? Yes mom, that is a quilt you made me. Sorry, Duke really likes it, almost as much as the Ducks!!

I'm out - Goodnight

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Rebecca said...

but isn't that place called something else now? and boy, you're not the only one with a dog who is acting out! sheesh!