This will be the death of me

Last night, as I was FINALLY sealing up invites... I realized I did a bad bad thing.

I managed to seal nearly 50 invites over the past weekend without adding postage to the reply cards!!!! Holy Crap! So.. last night after realizing this, I spent nearly 2 hours with a hair dryer and butter knife attempting to open them all back up.

I mean seriously, please ignore the fact that your invite may have been one of the ones who by now have been resealed...

Good news, all the boys in the wedding have been taken care of! Thank goodness, I can now mark that off my list. Thanks Kelly! Now if we can just prepare ourselves for a day filled with chaos and the end result of having four ring bearers between the ages of 18 months and 6 years old.

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Kelly said...

Tracy you weren't supposed to share your blonde moment!! LOL now I really am LAUGHING OUT LOUD at you!! Silly girl!! It will all be over soon! I promise, it will all turn out great no matter what!!
I am excited the boys are all done almost too!! I believe I'm going to head there tomorrow as soon as I do I will let you know that it's totally all done!! I don't mind picking up another pair of flip flops for Corbin either, just let me know sizes!!